Interest in hot tubs at home and hot tub holidays have soared over lockdown and since the staycation market reopened.

But experts have warned of potential health problems with the bubbling hot water spas.

The demand for log cabins with hot tubs has increased by over 120% in the past two years.

Now the team at QS Supplies has revealed seven reasons why your hot tub could be riddled with germs and how to eliminate them as best as possible.

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Shaf Member, Purchase Director at QS Supplies said: “Often private hot tubs are worse than those in a gym or public pool. After all, it is up to the cleaner to keep on top of the cleanliness levels. Sadly, people can get lazy when it comes to their own hot tub as they think family and friends won't mind - This really doesn't matter, as you will never know if another person has a virus or is shredding pathogens.

"Know your body - If you have been ill recently, don't go in the hot tub. If you have a cut, even minor, please avoid it. It's all about just being vigilant and taking a moment before jumping in to think ‘ is this really wise?’. And whatever you do, don't forget to shower and rinse off any germs and bacteria from the day before you get in.

"It isn't relatively difficult to keep your hot tub clean, it just takes dedication and time. Be sure to inspect your tub a couple of times a week to prevent any buildup, and test your levels before every use. Remember that the water needs draining and replacing frequently too - which is all dependent on the quality of your filter system.

"After every use, clean using a damp cloth and sanitiser and check its pH levels. Clean the filters weekly and check the pH levels and santise again. Shock dosing weekly is also highly recommended. Quarterly, (or after heavy use) clean your pipes, drain and refill and give a deep interior clean - and don't forget about regular servicing too!”

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