The first episode of Pam & Tommy was largely devoted to the conflict between Tommy Lee and carpenter / sex tape thief Rand Gauthier. The second, "I Love You, Tommy," shows how quickly and deeply the Motley Crue star bonded with his new wife, Pamela Anderson.

The entire episode takes place before the events of the first, as we witness Pam and Tommy's first meeting, their whirlwind courtship and marriage, and see them get their first sense of just how public their lives together are going to be - even before their infamous sex tape was even filmed, let alone leaked to the public.

There are some very sweet scenes in this episode, in particular one where Anderson coaxes Lee into singing and dancing along to "Getting to Know You," from her favorite musical The King and I. Prude alert - there's also a lot of sex and nudity; at points veering very close to soft-porn territory. The opening scene is a flash-forward partial recreation of the couple's sex tape, and this is also the episode with the much-discussed "Tommy talks to his penis" segment.

‘Pam and Tommy’ Episode Two Recap: ‘I Love You, Tommy’

That scene more than lives up to its advance hype. It's not implied that Lee is talking to his penis, his penis is given the center-stage full-frame spotlight. There's unexpected sweetness here too, as a lovestruck Lee steadfastly refuses to listen to his member's plea for them to continue the famous rock star bachelor life they have both been enjoying to this point.

Lee's public wedding proposal is another comedic highlight, as he runs down other famous female celebrities: "You make Jenna Jameson look like a four!" And you can guess where he hangs the hotel door "do not disturb" sign, right?

Seth Rogen's Gauthier only appears briefly in the episode, as Lee is describing to the carpenters how his home renovation plans have changed now that Anderson is moving in: "No more bachelor pad 3000. New concept - love deluxe!" The two men immediately mix like oil and water, as Gauthier's attempt to explain that Lee's tattoo is a pentacle, not a pentagram, bores and seemingly annoys his mercurial client.

But his future impact is felt in the episode's final foreboding shot, as the video camera on which the newlyweds will film the private sexcapades which will soon cause everybody so much trouble is seen unflinchingly gazing over their bedroom.

Best Scene: The quiet and initially awkward plane flight home after the wedding, when the newlyweds realize just how little they know about each other. Luckily they seem pretty compatible, which is a good thing because when they land at the airport they immediately step into a paparazzi tsunami.

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