To help reduce the likelihood of major machine damage caused by certain metal contaminants entering the hammermill, Vermeer offers the Damage Defense system—an option available for tub grinders and horizontal grinders. If the mill comes in contact with metal while grinding, the Damage Defense system alerts the grinder control and automatically initiates the shutdown process. The system idles the engine down, reverses the infeed or tub and disengages the clutch. Once the contaminant is cleared, normal operation can resume.

Power through more material with Vermeer

“The optional Damage Defense system is ideal for any tub or horizontal grinder operation that may encounter metal mixed in their incoming material,” says Jeff Bradley, product manager for Recycling and Forestry equipment at Vermeer. “The system can be factory-installed on new Vermeer grinders and is available as a refitted option for many older Vermeer grinder models.”

The Vermeer Damage Defense system uses exclusive technology to reduce the possibility of severe damage when large metal objects enter the hammermill, and operators can easily adjust the sensitivity settings for job site conditions to help reduce nuisance shutdowns. It is integrated into the grinder’s controls system and features robust components and a weather-resistant box.