Why It Made the Cut: Available in 22 states, America’s Swimming Pool Company offers free, in-depth inspections, and scheduling is available by phone or through the website.

Founded in 2002, America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP) has grown to 257 different locations across 22 states, making it one of the nation’s largest pool cleaning services. The company hasn’t just increased the number of locations; it has also steadily increased the various services it provides, including hot tub installation, pool leak repairs, and pool remodeling, alongside standard pool maintenance and cleaning services. Customer service quality may vary by location due to how each franchise is managed, but generally positive reviews mean customers can expect a seamless experience.

The Best Pool Cleaning Services of 2022

After booking, customers can sign up to receive weekly water quality reports via email. Interested clients can head to the website or call in to speak to a customer service representative to book an appointment. They will be able to book a free, in-depth inspection, and the pool professional will provide a quote for the requested services. ASP offers a specialized algae treatment service called Green-to-Clean, which promises a 3- to 5-day recovery period for the pool water.