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Bleak? Yes, but with the right level of maintenance and care, this 12” Lodge Cast Iron Deep Skillet has to potential to last for hundreds of years.

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This  Lodge cast iron skillet will probably outlive us all

Preferred by most in the culinary world, cast iron offers a versatile and high heat-resistant cooking surface known for its expert heat retention and even heating capabilities.

Unlike stainless steel or ceramic cookware that can crack and chip from continual use, this rugged cast iron skillet is as adventure-ready as it gets. Bring it outside for over-the-fire camp chili, stick it in the oven for broiled salmon with skin as crispy as potato chips, or try what some on the Cast Iron subreddit have attempted to do their entire lives: fry the perfect egg.

An added extra inch of depth allows you to fully experiment with this cast iron, giving you the space to bake bread, deep-fry, or MacGyver into a shallow Dutch Oven. While this particular skillet comes factory pre-seasoned, I’d recommend re-seasoning your Lodge with their own brand of seasoning spray or by way of my favorite method: cooking bacon. Seriously, it works!

At just $39.90, this 12” Lodge cast iron skillet is designed to last you a lifetime.

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