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This sleek stainless steel Brim coffee grinder is  today and today only

Grinding your own coffee beans each morning is better for a number of reasons: First, it's cheaper to buy your coffee as a whole bean and DIY the bean prep yourself; second, the beans don't lose their fresh flavor nearly as quickly. And third, it tastes damn delicious.Right now, Brim's efficient handheld grinder is $24.99 instead of $38.99 today and today only.

Brim Electric Handheld Burr Coffee Grinder - $24.99, Woot!

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Brim's grinder is made with the coffee flavor — and maximum extraction — top of mind: Stainless steel blades help keep the coffee fresh and aromatic, and the chamber can hold 30 grams of beans (definitely enough to get you going). You might be surprised at how slowly this grinder goes, but it actually helps retain the flavor of the coffee by generating less heat. And while the one-button operation might lead you to think that this is a simple machine, it has nine size settings to get the grind just right, whether you're going French press or espresso. Shop it before the deal ends over on Woot!