Feb. 11, 2022 -- At the center of the emerging science on the unintended consequences of daily long-term use of marijuana lies a paradox.

For years, medical marijuana has been used to ease nausea from cancer chemotherapy and GI conditions. Now, with greater legalization comes growing awareness that chronic use of marijuana -- also known as cannabis -- can trigger a condition where, ironically, a person has hard-to-control vomiting and nausea.

Too Much Marijuana Can Make You Unpleasantly, Dangerously Sick

Some people with the disorder, known as “cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome,” also report crippling belly pain.

Linda can relate. The 33-year-old Oregon resident, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her privacy, refers to a medieval spiky metal ball on a chain when describing the pain.

"Picture a mace inside your stomach, pushing up inside your chest and, at the same time, exploding out,” she says.

To seek relief, she gets down on her knees, adopts a child's yoga pose, and runs hot water in the bathroom for hours on end, a trick many with the disorder says has provided relief. She also occasionally goes outside and tries walking it off.