We’re always aiming to pass down our passion for cars from generation to generation. As our little ones continue to carry the torch for automotive culture, this tactile sensory bin will get your toddlers and preschoolers excited about cars and traveling on the open-road. While there’s still a few years before they get behind the wheel of a real car, this DIY will create hours of opportunity for your little ones to learn and explore while strengthening their transferring and motor skills (no pun intended).

Here’s what you’ll need:

2. Start to add all the details to your sensory bin. Using the uncooked, straight-cut macaroni, place them on top of the beans to mimic dotted lines found on roadways (place them closer together to create solid lines, too).

Your Kiddo Can Create Their Own Speed-Inspired Sensory Bin with This Road & Track Crew DIY

3. Put the red, green and yellow pom poms throughout the bin to represent the colors of traffic lights.

4. Include an assortment of toy cars throughout and don’t forget your toilet paper tubes! These work great to scoop up and move the beans around or as tunnels for the cars to travel through.

This activity was provided by Buggy and Buddy.

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