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15 Movies About Food Every Foodie Will Love

"Food, glorious food," sing the hungry orphans in "Oliver!," who tire of "the same old gruel" and dream of "three banquets a day." Movie audiences have joined such a chorus for well over a century, as we've been treated to a cornucopia of mouthwatering cinematic feasts, food served both fast and slow that keeps us ever so "epicurious." We've watched John Travolta scarf down on double-stacked slices of pizza in "Saturday Night Fever," or downing a milkshake in "Pulp Fiction." We saw Chunk and Sloth bond over a Baby Ruth bar, Harold and Kumar munching on White Castle, Ralphie and family try exotic Chinese food for Christmas, or even a tramp and a lady dog sharing a bowl of pasta has had us all proclaim, "I'll have what she's having."

Some films inspire hunger more than others, with the sights and sounds of a kitchen or dining room table awakening our senses (except for smell, while we await the industry adopting Odorama). These images enrich our lives, and prove that it's best to live to eat, and not the other way around. We present to you 15 movies about food every foodie will love, plus a recipe inspired by each film, with as many overcooked food puns as we could stir up. Bon appétit!