Jeffrey Epstein kept framed naked picture of Ghislaine Maxwell in the bathroom of his Palm Beach mansion under sketch portrait of her: Intimate pictures are among trove of 60 images from police raid revealed at her sex trafficking trial

By Kayla Brantley For






Jeffrey Epstein kept a framed naked picture of Ghislaine Maxwell in the bathroom of his Palm Beach mansion under a sketch portrait of her, a trove of 60 images from a police raid of his Palm Beach mansion has revealed.

Prosecutors at the Maxwell sex trafficking trial in New York submitted into the evidence the cache of photographs taken when the FBI raided Epstein's Florida home in 2005.

Photos showed Epstein's bedroom and bathroom, equipped with a fully-equipped dentist's chair, and the massage table that accusers claim were used to give him sexual gratification.

Several drawings of naked women can be seen hanging on the walls, as well as a sketch of 'the lady of the house' Maxwell and a photograph of her lying nude on a beach.

Also in evidence were photos of Epstein and Maxwell's desks, where copies of a strict 58-page handbook were kept.

However, there was no sign of sex toys, which Epstein's housekeeper Juan Alessi testified last week to cleaning after the financer's massages. Those photos are likely sealed.

This comes as the sixth day of Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial is underway in a Manhattan federal court.

A sketch of Ghislaine Maxwell hangs in a black picture frame (left) in the bathroom of Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion. A phone sits on top of a dresser table beside a stool in a carpeted section of the room. A the other end a black and white tiled floor surrounds the bath and next to it is a fully equipped dentist's cart, complete with what appear to be drills, a lamp and other instruments

Close ups of the sketch of 'the lady of the house' Maxwell and a photograph of her lying nude on a beach which both lived in the bathroom

A bathroom in the Epstein house, with a phone beside a sofa, nude sketches on the walls and a generously apportioned enclosed shower section. A stack of white towels sits beside the shower door, as per the orders that the mansion was to be like a 'five star hotel'

A desk in the home with a classic leather top desk, and what appears to be a scanner and/or fax machine beside the computer. Two statutes sit at the edge of table next to a thesaurus, as well as writing paraphernalia, sellotape, envelopes and pens.

A tiki-style wooden four poster bed in the Epstein mansion with large bedside tables containing a phone, books, tissues and a bedside lamp. A sofa sits at the side of the room next to curtains which are closed

Another computer in the Epstein home, this time with two monitors, at a transparent plastic desk which faces out into the garden. A printer/scanner sits atop a storage rack at one end of the desk. A phone sits next to pens, post-it notes and letter paper on the desk

A pair of SUVs outside the Epstein mansion around which grow the typical vegetation of the subtropical climate of Florida. The cars were to be have hundred dollar bills placed in the glove compartments as per the large manual which Maxwell gave to staff as the 'lady of the house'

One of the desks in the Epstein mansion with two chairs in front of it for entertaining guests. A photo hanging on a wooden supporting column, although barely visible, shows Epstein and Maxwell sitting together on a grass mound with a pair of dogs at their feet

A red light shines in the hallway, a painting hangs on the wall, and a guest bedroom can be seen through an open door at the Epstein mansion. A phone can also be spotted on a side table, right

Several drawings of naked women are seen hanging on the walls in one of the rooms, which has a wicker chair and a wicker lamp, as well as what appears to be a WiFi router on a table

A notepad inside the drawer of one of the desks in the Epstein house

A pile of office paraphernalia, including notepads, a phone, rolls of paper, a computer mouse, and an ethernet cable plugged into some sort of electronic device, perhaps a computer or router

On Friday, Epstein's massage table was unfolded in court in a dramatic moment during the trial.

Maxwell, 59, is accused of procuring underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges

A detective opened the dark green foldable table in front of the jury for them to see for the first time, and one of the police officers who carried out the search confirmed it was from Epstein's house.

The massage table - along with a 'Twin Torpedo' sex toy - were seized from Epstein's Palm Beach estate. On October 20, 2005, former Palm Beach Police officer Gregory Parkinson obtained the search warrant that would lead to the discovery of the items.

He was quizzed by Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey on Friday after examining the massage table and sex toy.

Parkinson, in black gloves, took about 30 seconds to look at the table before heading to the witness stand.

Maxwell, who sat about 10 feet away alongside her defense attorneys, reportedly had no reaction.

Once on the stand Parkinson confirmed that it was the same table he seized from Epstein's mansion nearly two decades ago.

'It’s from the second floor south bathroom, where the shower was,' the former cop told the courtroom, adding that he recognized the table by it's appearance, property number and 'made in Vista, California,' sticker.

A detective who was handling the table then folded it back up and propped it in front of the prosecutor's table, where it stayed until about 5pm, when the trial wrapped up for the day.

Government exhibits show Epstein's pool and pool house at his Palm Beach mansion. Last week accuser 'Jane' testified that she was sexually assaulted in his pool house

A study inside Epstein's Palm Beach estate is seen in this government evidence photo

The kitchen desk and phone are seen in this evidence photo. Last week, housekeeper Juan Alessi testified that he would take messages for Maxwell and Epstein but was told to never disclose their whereabouts

Epstein bought the property in 1990 for $2.5 million and used it to allegedly abuse scores of victims

In April, crews began demolishing the $18.5million Palm Beach mansion where Epstein allegedlyabused girls

Maxwell managed Epstein's properties, including his Palm Beach mansion, which several accusers have testified to visiting when they were underage

Housekeeper Juan Alessi testified last week, 'From the day [Maxwell] came to the house she right away took over. She mentioned to me she was going to be the lady of the house'

Built in 1952, it was one of a number of properties where Epstein groomed and sexually assaulted underage girls and women as part of a sprawling sex trafficking scheme, prosecutors said

Epstein's massage table that was seized by the FBI in 2005was brought into court on Friday

Alessi said that he saw 'pornographic tapes and a black leather costume' in a basket in Maxwell's bathroom

Fellow Palm Beach officer Sgt Michael Dawson took the stand after Parkinson and noted that the cops 'were looking for massage tables,' that day in 2005. 'We were looking for massage oils. We were looking for sex toys,' he added.

Prosecutors then showed the jury a picture of cardboard boxes and a pair of sex toys, dubbed 'Twin Torpedoes'.

Dawson confirmed that the toys were seized by police from a closet inside the disgraced financier's house.

Although prosecutors did not clarify why the table and sex toys were brought into evidence, the first accuser to testify at Maxwell's trial claimed Epstein used sex toys on her and abused her during 'massages'.

'He liked to...use vibrators that were different sizes; and even, like, those back massagers that were, you know, painful,' she said.'

Housekeeper Juan Alessi, 72, took the stand last week and said that part of his job was to clean up after Epstein's massages - which he said Maxwell scheduled three times per day and which usually took place in his bathroom.

Asked by the prosecutor if he ever found anything 'unexpected' after the massages, Alessi said that he found a 'large dildo,' describing it as 'a huge man's penis with two heads.'

Alessi said that he put gloves on and 'ran it under the water and put the dildo in Ms. Maxwell's closet in (her) bathroom' inside of a wicker basket.

Alessi said that he saw 'pornographic tapes and a black leather costume' in the same basket.

He said that three or four other times he found two other sex toys: one that looked 'like a pillow' and another that looked like an 'arm' which had a rubber vibrating part at the end. He put those items in Epstein's dresser.

Alessi testifies, 'I was supposed to be blind, deaf, to say nothing.'

To 'never disclose' Maxwell and Epstein's 'whereabouts or activities,' he added.

Staff rulebook for Jeffrey Epstein's House of Sin: 58-page manual for Palm Beach mansion gives an extraordinary insight into Epstein's gilded and depraved world... from $100 stuffed in the glovebox of every car to the blue massage towels and gun in a bedside drawer


Appearance is extremely important if high standards are to be maintained. A favorable first impression goes a long way.

• Personal cleanliness, good presentation, and a genuine and polite 'aim to please' approach are very important

• Try and anticipate the needs of Mr Epstein, Ms Maxwell and their guests

• Make guests feel pampered and welcome

• Do not discuss personal problems with guests

• Remember that you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question directed at you

• Unobtrusive is the key

• Wear the appropriate clothing. Dark blue trousers with white golf shirts to be worn daily, long sleeve white shirts for dinner service

• Items in pockets must not create a bulge or be visible

• Do not address Mr Epstein, Ms Maxwell and their guests with hands in your pockets

• Do not chew gum

• Avoid using strong perfume or aftershave lotion. This could cause an allergic reaction


The handbook, which was used at Epstein's mansion in Palm Beach (pictured), Florida, was designed to give staff 'proper guidance to perform your duties to the best of your ability'

An 8,600 sq ft Parisian apartment near the Arc de Triomph owned by Epstein

The interior of one of Epstein's jets. He allegedly used the planes to shuttle teenage girls

The entrance to Epstein's New Mexico ranch where girls have said they were abused

Epstein was accused of abusing girls at his New Mexico ranch (pictured)

Miss Kellen (pictured right with Maxwell) has previously been described as Maxwell's 'lieutenant' in Epstein's circle of abuse and has been accused of playing a pivotal role in the scandal, helping to procure young girls


Two big white towels next to the bath

Soap, shampoo and bubble bath by the side of the tub

Check that water is hot and running clear

Water must be directed to the tap and not the sprayer on the tub

Two fresh washcloths on basin and two next to the bathtub

Fresh bar of soap placed to the right of the washbasin

Electric toothbrush (Replace head every 4 weeks)

New toothbrushes placed in a clean drinking glass to the left of the washbasin

Toothpaste is more than ½ full

Mouthwash, above


Round cotton pads

Tidy and replace any toiletries which are running low

Tissues (replace if less than ½)

Unlock the closets

Photographs to be placed


Calcium twin tablet

Facial Moisturiser (La Mer), below

Babor Foam Mask

Kiehl's Cucumber Toner

Kiehl's Washable Cleansing Milk

La Mer Eye Balm

Evian Face Mist, below

Clarins Creme Masvelt Body Shaping Creme

Babor Natural Body Peeling

Lancome Exfoliance Gel

Body Lotion (Frederic Fekkai, Clinique Deep Comfort Body Moisture)

Aquaphor Hand Cream

Secret Original Solid Deodorant

Round cotton pads


Toothbrush (Oral B / Hard)

Electric Toothbrush (Braun Ultra Plaque Remover)

Toothpaste (Arm & Hammer Dental Care and Mentadent)

Dental Floss (Johnson & Johnson Reach I Mint waxed), above

Scope mouthwash

Sunscreen (Lancome Soleil SPF 30 Face Creme), below

Kiehl's Lip Balm with SPF, above

Lever 2000 soap

Bubble Bath, Bath Gel, Bath Salts

Razor and shaving gel

Shampoo/Conditioner (Frederic Fekkai Technical & Apple Cider), below

Aquis Hair Towel

Mason Pearson Hair Brush, below

Babor Hand & Nail Repair

Nail polish remover (Cutex)

Fingernail clippers and file


OB tampons (light & heavy)




What you say is as important as what you do. Your language must include good diction and exclude swear words and slang.

You do not say:



'No problem'

'You bet'


FBI photos reveal inside of Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion

'I dunno'

You do say:

'Yes, Mr'

'Of course, Ms'

'My pleasure'

'It is no trouble at all'

'You are quite right'

To a justified criticism or mistake you say:

'I am very sorry; it will not happen again.'

'It was completely my fault.'

What to say after entering the room:

You do not expound on the weather or any other subject, unless asked.


How you answer will leave a long-lasting impression on all those who call as it immediately tells the caller the service standard.

Do not slam down the receiver at any time!

All calls should be answered in three rings or less.

Unless otherwise instructed, NEVER disclose Mr Epstein's or Ms Maxwell's activities or whereabouts to anyone.

Advise Ms Maxwell of any strange telephone calls or enquiries.



Air-conditioning at 60 degrees

Two lighted pens on both bedside tables

Jeffrey Epstein large and small notepads on both bedside tables

Box of tissues on each bedside table (Replace if less than 1/3)

Gun placed in beside table drawer.


Toothpaste is more than ½ full.

New pair of exfoliating gloves in the shower.

Three large blue towels and one hand towel on the chair for massage.

Three large blue towels and one hand towel to be ready for massage in towel room.


Gillette MACH 3 Razor with extra blades (change blade after every use).

Shaving Cream (Kiehl's Close' Shavers Squadron).

Secret Original Solid Deodorant

Lever 2000 soap. Noxzema Plus Face Wash.

Facial moisturisers (Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer, Bahar).

Aquaphor Hand Cream.

California Mango Lotion.

Bubble bath and shower gels.

Shampoo/Conditioner (White Rain Coconut Essence, Biolage, Nexxus Simply Silver).

Hair finishing cream (Paul Mitchell Stickworks).

Peter Thomas Roth Sunscreen

J Kiehl's Lip Balm with SPF.


Round cotton pads.

Toothpaste (Arm & Hammer Dental Care and Mentadent).

Toothbrush (Oral B / Hard).

Electric Toothbrush (Braun Ultra Plaque Remover).

Scope mouthwash.

Dental Floss (Johnson & Johnson Reach I Mint waxed).

Baby Powder (Johnson & Johnson).

Mason Pearson Hairbrush.

Hair Comb/ Tweezers.

Fingernail clippers and file.


Hint: All guest rooms must appear as though the arriving guest is the first to ever stay in the room.

Bed linen, towels and bathrobes must be fresh.

All light fixtures are working.

Remote controls for TV are working.

Instructions on 'How to work the television' placed next to the TV.

Alarm clock must be set to the correct time and date.

Pens and Jeffrey Epstein large and small notepads on bedside table.

Eye masks on bedside tables.

Small bouquet of fresh flowers.

Gifts if indicated by Mr Epstein.

Bottled water and drinking glasses on bedside table.

Selection of fresh fruit.

Side plate, fruit knife, napkin.

Torch with new batteries.

Closets must be cleared. Check that there are sufficient wooden hangers that are hung evenly.

Fresh bar of soap and shampoo in bathtub and shower stall

Two fresh washcloths on the washbasin and two next to the bathtub.

Fresh bar of soap placed to the right of the washbasin

New toothbrush and toothpaste on counter to left of washbasin

Clean drinking glass


Hairdryer is working.

Replace toilet paper with new roll. Fold end into a 'V.'

The jury were also shown pictures of Epstein's £164 million property empire, including Little St James (pictured), his private island in the US Virgin Islands, worth around £50 million



Replace used towels.

Check that there is enough toothpaste.

Replace any toiletries that are running low.


Place pillows, duvets, bedspreads and blankets on a chair. Never on the floor.

Telephone must be free of dust. No sticky spots. Cord must hang properly.


Tidy magazines. Throw out fashion magazines over two months old.


Polish marble counter tops in kitchen.

Check all expiration dates on food in refrigerator and pantry.

Napkins cleaned and ironed


Check that pool water temperature is between 82–88F


Tidy the desk, but do not throw any papers away.

Fresh bar of soap placed to the right of the washbasin.

Replace toilet paper with new roll. Fold end into a 'V'.


Massage Tables – Wipe and sanitise

Fridge – Clean thoroughly. Throw out spoiled food. To eliminate odours, place a bowl of cotton balls soaked in plain vanilla extract in the fresh food section.


Place $100 in the glove compartment or centre console of each car.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell telephone directories.

Jeffrey Epstein large and small notepads with pens.


Buy The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Palm Beach Post and place in pantry

Buy the Daily Mail (pictured) and place on Ms Maxwell's desk

Place box of matches by all candles

Straighten the fringe and tassels on all rugs


Two sizes of Ghislaine Maxwell and Lady Ghislaine notepads.



• Glass of water

• Coffee

• 1 Sweet And Low, or Equal (sugar substitutes)

• Creamer filled with Half & Half, warmed in the microwave for 25 seconds.

• Mr Epstein will indicate what food he would like


• Maxwell House coffee served with milk

• Freshly squeezed orange juice

• Glass of water

• 1 Weetabix with sliced banana. Milk and sugar on the side


• Pre-set table or breakfast trays for the number of guests present

• As guests arrive, inquire if they would like coffee, tea, or fruit juice

• Always make sure coffee is fresh

• Re-confirm guests have no allergic reaction to specific foods

• Take the breakfast order. Inquire whether they would like to wait for any remaining guests before you begin preparation.

• Always serve from the left, and clear from the right if possible


When necessary, you will be required to be on 'standby' duty – making yourself available for any duties that need to be carried out.

In order to be able to respond promptly, you should not travel more than one hour from your home base.

This means if you are called, the maximum time it will take you to return, is one hour.

• You could be called at any time, day or night.

• The security of the house, Mr Epstein, Ms Maxwell and their guests are your first consideration. Always handle a crisis in a calm and professional manner.

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