A takeaway in West Lancashire was found to have flies in the kitchen, a dirty staff toilet and no soap.

Fish Loves Chips, on Station Road in Hesketh Bank, was subject to a food hygiene inspection on October 6, 2021.

As a result, the business was given a food hygiene rating of 1 meaning that major improvement is necessary.

The lowest rate to be given is 0 - with the highest rating being 5.

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The inspector found that there was evidence of flies in the kitchen and warned that they carry food poisoning bacteria and can contaminate food and food surfaces that they land on.

They also said that several sacks of food were stored directly on the floor in the dry goods room.

Two sinks in the premises were deemed to require 'extra cleaning', the area was 'jumbled' and the sinks were not being used correctly as per the labels above them.

There were also no soap or hygienic hand drying facilities at the hand wash basin as you enter the premises, and the staff toilet was dirty.

The document said: "The staff WC pan and associated areas were dirty at the time of my visit. You need to thoroughly clean the staff WC pan, seat and flushing handle and keep in clean condition."

Hygiene inspectors find flies, dirty toilet and no soap at West Lancashire takeaway

It was found that members of staff had 'inadequate' food hygiene awareness.

The report said: "It was apparent during my inspection that the level of food hygiene awareness amongst your staff was inadequate.

"You must ensure that all food handlers engaged in your food business are supervised, instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters as necessary, bearing in mind the type of work which they do."

Clothing worn by staff members working in the kitchen was also 'dirty'.

The report added: "You must ensure that all persons working in food handling areas wear suitable, clean and appropriate protective clothing."

Fish Loves Chips spokesperson said: "This rating was heart wrenching to us, as we have always had five star ratings in our businesses. The Chinese kitchen caused a lot of disruption to the shop and we found it hard to get the right management in place.

"However, when this rating was received we immediately removed the Chinese cuisine and chef and measures have been put in place to ensure our usual five star rating is reinstated, and kept at this level.

"The health and hygiene officer has been back since and was extremely happy and is going to reinstate our five star rating as soon as the 12 week wait period is expired.

"We are refurbishing the shop and there are exciting new things to come in 2022. We thank all our loyal customers and apologise for this mishap. We wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and a fantastic New Year 2022."

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