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Martin Lewis, known for sharing his money tips and tricks, kicked off his new TV show tonight, Martin Lewis Extreme Savers, which saw multiple people sharing their money-saving hacks. He pointed out though that he wasn't suggesting viewers should do what these extreme savers were doing.

The show visited apprentice carpenter Tom who built his own tiny house for just £6,000.

Tiny homes have become popular in recent years due to the minimal living costs they come with.

They come with lower electricity bills as well as lower upkeep costs.

Speaking on the show, Martin said: “At just 17, apprentice carpenter Tom realised he would struggle to get onto the property ladder.

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Martin Lewis meets savvy 21-year-old who lives in home which cost just £6,000 (Image: ITV)To fit the kitchen, Tom revealed it cost him just £200 (Image: ITV)

“The cost of a mortgage or even rent plus bills was just too high.

“So, he came up with a cunning, cost cutting, carpentry concept.”

Tom said: “I was on YouTube a lot as a kid and I saw lots of videos about tiny houses and I wanted to build one and sort of jumped in the deep end and went for it.

“A family friend had a trailer available so I went and picked that up, because I was already in the deep end of a carpentry apprenticeship and I thought I can transfer my skills across.

Martin Lewis meets savvy 21-year-old who lives in home which cost just £6,000

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It had multiple windows to let light in and features a small inside seating area with a sofa and wood burner.

The tiny-house owner explained how he learnt to save money too while in the process of building his own property.

To fit the kitchen, Tom revealed it cost him just £200.

In order to fit the kitchen for such a small price tag, the homeowner had to recycle scaffolding planks for the worktops which he found in a skip.

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The small L-shaped kitchen had small storage drawers and enough space to fit a decent sized fridge in.

It also had enough work space for hobs, a sink and mini oven.

Tom said: “The bathroom cost me about £300.

“My house cost around £6,000 in total, that was from start to finish…the running costs are under £5 a week to run because I only use a little bit of electricity and water from my grandparents which I pay back.

“The actual cost of running it daily is nothing because it’s really basic.”

Parking his home on his grandparents' land means that Tom can also save a lot of money for another property in the future.

Martin said: “Wow, financial freedom at just 21 years of age, I love it.

“That six grand he spent on the house is less than the UK annual average rent, but of course it doesn’t factor in the cost of his labour and the land.”