Friday, March 18th, 2022 10:47am

By Louise Hill LDR@LouiseHillLDR

Bembridge Bakery has been given a one-star food hygiene rating — with untrained staff, damaged flooring and cracked ovens.

The rating dished out by the Isle of Wight Council, following an inspection in February, means major improvement is necessary at the bakery on Bembridge High Street.

The owners and operators of the bakery, Planning Solutions, of Havant, have acknowledged the faults and said all steps to remedy the issues have been actioned.

Environmental health inspectors highlighted many issues at the bakery, including a staff member who had not been provided with instructions in food hygiene policies and practices that to follow.

One Star Hygiene Rating For Bembridge Bakery

Inspectors also said they were disappointed to see issues reported to them before the visit – no hot running water in the kitchen handbasin, no cold water in the bakery handbasin and no hygienic hand drying materials – had not been rectified.

The condition of the building and equipment also concerned inspectors, with damaged areas of flooring; a hole in the wall near the outside extractor fan; a metal trolley with rusty and dirty wheels and damaged wooden shelves.

Bakery ovens were also cracked with one having part of its base missing.

Other areas of concern included:

A spokesperson for Planning Solutions said it has taken the matters very seriously and invested considerable time, effort and expense to ensure all items raised have been dealt with in a timely manner.

It said there have been some personnel changes which appeared to have caused a lapse in the normal routines but all staff, including the new manager, had recently completed training and gained food handling and hygiene certificates.

It said:

“The bakery is now a hundred per cent in line with the required levels of maintenance and repair and we shall be seeking a reinspection as soon as we are able to do so.”