The following are restaurant inspections with critical violations, as conducted by the Guernsey County Health Department, in the month of February.

Feb. 1

Ruby Tuesday, 2250 Southgate Parkway, Cambridge. PIC (person in charge) is unable to demonstrate knowledge of food safety and safe and adequate equipment. PIC was calibrating thermometers to zero degrees Fahrenheit. Peppercorns in the wait station and croutons in the prep area are stored uncovered. Wine glasses are dirty, the soda gun has residue, and the ice machine has black debris in the bin area. Hot held bacon temped at 61 degrees F. Eggs on buffet table recorded at 45 degrees F. Garlic was date marked for 13 days. Shot glasses have pits and inclusions. Racks are rusted and worn. Plastic pans have cracks and chips. The metal strainer has rust and loose wires. The hose is touching the bottom of the mop sink from EcoLab dispenser.

Feb. 2

Deep Cut Tavern, 13982 E. Pike Road, Cambridge. Employee observed cutting lemons and placing them with bare hands into the water. The employee stated she is a nurse and washed her hands. Explained that under Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code barehand contact is prohibited for all ready-to-eat foods regardless of handwashing. Observed food/meat slicer directly under the dirty fan of window air conditioning.

Feb. 8

New Great Chinese Buffet, 61259 Southgate Parkway, Cambridge. Observed worker performing tasks with dishwasher and going directly to food cooking. The chicken in the walk-in cooler was not covered. Containers have residue buildup and are not being properly sanitized between use. Wontons were resting on racks. Person in charge stated they just came out of the fryer and are cooling before placing in the walk-in cooler.

Feb. 9

Sally's Short Cut Store LLC, 71990 Old 21 Road, Kimbolton. Packaged food not properly labeled. The facility has water foundation leaks that create large amounts of ponding water on the floor and is seeping into food storage areas. Four sticks of butter are observed out for softening. Person in charge stated that they were taken out at 10 a.m. Time is now 3 p.m. and exceeds the four-hour limit to reduce bacterial growth. Opened package of ham in deli cooler. Missing and/or incomplete allergen declarations. Salads, cheesecakes, sandwiches, strawberry and chocolate desserts, pizza, eggs, cheese, and meat containers, mixed fruit cups are not labeled with requirements. Unsound, contaminated, or otherwise unsafe food shall be destroyed.

Feb. 10

BPO Elks #448, 1048 Wheeling Ave., Cambridge. The potato slicer had food debris buildup from the previous night. The person in charge did not know how to break down the unit for sanitization.

Feb. 14

Brown House Pizza, 219 Pike St., Quaker City. Turkey breast (opened) observed in personal use refrigerator with Jan. 31, 2022 date mark.

Feb. 15

Public Records: Restaurant Inspections

House of Hunan, 2327 E. Wheeling Ave., Cambridge. Person in charge not ensuring employees are properly sanitizing equipment and utensils and monitoring sanitizer parameters. PIC unable to demonstrate knowledge of cleaning and sanitizing; temperatures and times for safe refrigerated food storage, hot holding, cooling and reheating; foodborne disease and the significance for maintaining time/temperature control; the relationship between prevention of foodborne disease and personal hygiene of food employees; food temperature and times for safe cooking; preventing foodborne illness by controlling contamination, personal hygiene and facility maintenance; the relationship of food safety and safe and adequate equipment. The PIC did not ensure employees were effectively cleaning their hands as required.

Observed PIC washing hands in three-compartment sink. PIC went from handling raw meat to the prep area without washing hands. PIC also handled soiled/dirty items and did not wash hands when required. Observed employee coming out of the restroom and did not wash hands.

The chicken in the prep cooler was not covered. Observed raw beef being stored directly above broccoli in a walk-in cooler. PIC moved beef to lower storage racks. Observed unpackaged egg noodles resting inside a greasy cardboard box in the storage room. Cardboard box used to contain chicken breasts. Observed a stool and its legs resting on a food prep cutting board.

Observed cutting knife in prep area with residue (dried) buildup. The PIC then took the knife and dipped it in wok water to cleanse. Rice cookers have debris buildup. Cutting board and prep surfaces are not being sanitized. Soup/sauce being hot held in warmers had an internal temperature of 115 degrees F. Hot-held items must have at least an internal temperature of 135 degrees F. Raw shell eggs were sitting at room temperature on the prep cooler. Informed PIC that eggs must be stored at 45 degrees F or below. PIC stated that eggs have been out since 10 a.m. Time is now 3 p.m. Diced chicken in prep units is not date marked.

Consumer is not advised of the risk of consuming raw or undercooked animal foods. Observed bugs flopping on the ground by EcoLab trapping device. Several cockroaches were observed on single-use (styrofoam containers) rack above the prep cooler. Coffee cans (metal) are being used as storage containers for soups and sauces. PIC uses metal coffee cans for scoopers and storage containers of soups and sauces. Warewashing machine does not automatically dispense detergent sanitizer and/or does not have a visual means to ensure detergent and sanitizer are automatically dispensed.

Feb. 16

Chelsea's Country Kitchen, 313 Dewey Ave., Cambridge. No person in charge was present in the food facility during inspection. The following were observed in the refrigerator with no date mark: cut onions, meatloaf, dark gravy, mashed potatoes, noodles.

Jackie's Family Restaurant, 9792 Fairfield Road, Kimbolton. Chicken thawing in the walk-in cooler was not covered. Onions, green peppers, and tomatoes are not date marked in the walk-in.

Feb. 17

Central Station Steak and Ale, 2281 Central Ave., Cambridge. Observed the following with no date marking: bruschetta, beer cheese, coleslaw, cut leafy greens (lettuce, peppers, onions).

The following restaurants had follow-up inspections in the month of February.

Feb. 7

Wagon Wheel Bar and Grill LLC, 11970 Clay Pike Road, Buffalo. Food equipment surfaces are not cleaned at the required frequency. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods not properly date marked. Food contact surfaces are not easily cleanable.

Feb. 25

Sho Gun Japanese Restaurant. 61600 Southgate Road, Cambridge. No critical violations.

House of Hunan, 2327 E. Wheeling Ave., Cambridge. Person in charge unable to demonstrate knowledge of food temperatures and times for safe cooking. Observed PIC handle raw product in the walk-in cooler and then back to prep stations and wok without washing hands. Observed beef being stored above peppers in walk-in cooler. Food equipment surface not cleaned at the required frequency. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods in prep cooler are not seven-day date marked.