BODYodours make your nose wrinkle before you even realise where the bad smell is coming from. Bad body odour makes people avoid us. But that’s not something surprising, is it? We live in a hot country and body odour just comes with the territory! We all sweat. But before you leave the house, there are certain things you can do to make sure you handle certain body odours well and don’t offend others! Remember, sweat itself is odourless. It is the bacteria in the sweat that causes the odour.

->Wash regularly

Proper cleaning can make a big difference. If you are prone to body odours, wash the area that is causing the discomfort more often. While you’re at it, think twice before putting on the same pants or t-shirt again. You don’t need to wash all your clothes after each wear, but you may need to wash them more often if you tend to sweat a lot. Shirts and other clothing that touch the armpits should be washed after wearing whenever you experience body odour. Wear a basic layer, such as a short-sleeved t-shirt, to cover your armpits and prevent sweat and bacteria from spreading to your sweaters and outerwear. This eliminates the need for frequent washing. Also, both you and your sweater will smell better and prevent the risk of smelling bad and avoid people’s stares on you.

Stinky no more!

->Take care of what you eat

What you eat directly affects your body odour, not just from your breath. Foods that contain sulfur, such as kale and broccoli, can increase odour. Onions and garlic are common culprits. Curries and other spicy spices can also get into your body odour. One way to reduce these odours is to include mess meat in your diet. You don’t have to quit meat entirely, but being mostly vegetarian can help neutralise odours. So try to consume more vegetables and fruits! Remember to pay attention to what you eat.

->Handle smelly feet

There’s always this one person we all hate whenever he or she takes off their shoes. Don’t be that person. It is very important to change your socks every day. If your feet sweat a lot, consider changing your socks every two hours. Purchasing socks made cotton or wool is a great way to reduce smelly feet. It is okay to invest in quality shoes as cheap ones are not good for your feet. Wash your feet with soap and rub your feet when you are showering, many people tend to leave out that part. Dead skin builds up on your feet as you walk, which eventually stinks.

Also, make sure your shoes are dry before putting them on and change your shoes frequently! Do not wear the same shoes for several days in a row.