When the Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park opens for the season, it's one of the classic must-do excursions for out-of-town friends and family. But know, Karen thinks it sucks.

Before I portray these folks as whiny brats with too much time on their hands, I'll say this: Our state and national parks WERE a lot more fun when they weren't overflowing with visitors and you didn't need a reservation to use the bathroom.

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Tourist Karen absolutely hates Lewis & Clark Caverns, “It’s the worst”

Nobody appreciates playing online hunger games to reserve a time to drive on a road. It pisses me off too. However, it seems that the vitriol needs to be focused to those people in charge of making rules AND in charge of making sure online booking systems actually work.

Telling the world that L&C or Yellowstone sucks just because your 2 year old got frustrated serves no purpose in my mind. It just makes you look...weird.

OK, back to the Lewis & Clark Caverns reviews. Some of these are doozies. (The following are direct quotes pulled from either TripAdvisor or Yelp, specifically about Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park.)

This one might be my favorite as it's just plain wrong: "Website advertises "pet friendly" however pets are not allowed in caves, had we know this we would have left fido at home. You can put your pet in a cage for two hours. Website needs to be more specific."

Actually, the park website is extremely clear about pets: "Lewis and Clark Caverns - Pets are not allowed in the cave, but a kennel service is offered during your tour."

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