The Bucks Free Press requested access to the food safety officer’s report via a Freedom of Information request – which has revealed concerns were raised about staff members not wearing clean over-clothes and not washing their hands regularly.

The officer’s report says he was “concerned” that a dirty cloth in the side kitchen area was being used to clean down and mop up spillages, reminding staff they must be clean, disinfected and replaced regularly.

He also noticed “dirty contact points” throughout the building that suggested staff were not using the wash hand basin on a regular basis and urged them to use it after going to the toilet, handling rubbish, smoking, taking a break and after handling raw food.

Staff were also not wearing “suitable and clean over-clothing” and that the standard of cleaning in the kitchen was “generally poor”.

The report said: “A thorough deep clean is required. All areas and equipment must be maintained in a clean condition.

“The level of cleaning to the following areas and items of equipment were found to be particularly very poor: the wash hand basin to the WC area, the microwave (dirt and food debris noted), the pizza oven (food debris noted), the floor areas behind and under equipment and at wall/floor junctions (food debris and dirt noted), the kitchen extract system, the bench top can opener including the blade.”

The officer also noted dirty temperature probes, shelving units, the inside of the fridge units, “multiple” hand contact points throughout, the floor in the store room and the WC. There was also dirt and food debris – especially flour – in a side preparation room cupboard.

The report added: “At the time of my visit it was noted that the kitchen wash hand basin was not in use due to a leak, staff advised that they were instead using the kitchen sink for such purposes. I was however concerned that such was not being adequately cleaned and disinfected before use.

“Undertake remedial works to reinstate the kitchen hand wash basin. In the meantime, ensure the kitchen sink is adequately cleaned and disinfected.”

Staff were also told to remove the plastic covering on one of the fridge units so it can be properly cleaned and to fix the ventilation unit in the WC area.

They were completing daily records including temperature and cleaning checks, but the officer said the state of the building suggested they were not being signed off, adding that it “showed a general failure by management and staff to ensure that the basic standards” were being followed.

Food hygiene awareness among staff was also “inadequate in some areas” and urged them to train staff, while allergen labelling was not provided for any ingredient or processing aid used in making the food.

The takeaway has generally good reviews from customers on Google, with visitors praising the friendly staff, big portions and “great tasting” food.