A shower head clogged with limescale not only looks gross, but it can harbour nasty bacteria and the build-up can also negatively impact the water pressure of your shower.

There’s lots of limescale cleaning products in the shops, and tips and tricks on the internet or social media that recommend using cheap household items such as vinegar or Coca-Cola.

Watch our video above to see what method we recommend or keep reading on for a detailed breakdown of the steps, as well as water-saving tips including if an eco shower head is right for you.

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Six steps to descale a shower head

A quick search online will bring up a million and one ways to descale a shower head, but this is the cheapest and easiest way.

Watch: How to descale a shower head

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How does an eco shower head work?

An eco shower head can be a great addition to a mixer or power shower.

It doesn’t magically save water. It simply gives the feeling of a higher pressure without actually using more water. This means you can turn the dial down and save water.

To check whether you could cut your water usage, put a 2-litre container on the shower floor. If it takes less than 12 seconds to fill when the shower is running on full, that’s the equivalent of it putting out 10 litres every minute.

If that’s the case, you could benefit from a low-flow or water-saving shower head. Unfortunately they don’t work with electric showers though.

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Five ways to save water and save money

In addition to an eco shower head, there are plenty of ways to conserve water use – from small changes you can make to your routine to home improvement fixes.

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