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Bruneau notes that with the warmer weather on its way, that people will be starting to think about infusing their outdoor spaces in the same way as their indoor spaces — with plenty of focus on luxury items.

Celebrate the everyday with a few must-have luxuries and considered spaces

“Definitely cooking at home and eating at home are all becoming priorities and that translates to creating beauty and defined spaces outside, too. I always say that it is really important to surround yourself with items, the things and the colours that you love, rather than follow trends or compromise.”

So go ahead, burn the good candles, spoil yourself with that freestanding tub, indulge in the Italian coffee maker you’ve been coveting. It’s time to celebrate the everyday.

Thinking of infusing your space with a few luxury items? We’ve combed through some of our favourite retailers and hand-picked a selection of items that are sure to get the life at home celebration started.