Homeowners insurance protects property owners against common calamities. But does homeowners insurance cover plumbing issues? In most cases, yes -- but things can get complicated, as some plumbing disasters aren't covered. This guide will answer the question, "Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing?" under several circumstances.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Plumbing?

When does homeowners insurance cover plumbing?

Are you asking yourself, "When does homeowners insurance cover plumbing problems?" There are many cases when it does. In fact, water damage due to a busted pipe or related issues is one of the most common reasons for insurance claims.

However, not all plumbing problems are covered. Some property owners have open peril policies. These cover plumbing and other damage -- unless it falls within an exclusion. Others are called peril policies and cover only listed hazards, meaning they'll cover plumbing problems only if they're listed in the policy.

It's important to read your policy carefully. Check the fine print to see what is covered and excluded. Here are some common plumbing problems home insurance policies usually cover.