Everyone should know how to clean a garbage disposal. This hidden appliance can be found under the kitchen sink and is built with convenience in mind. Once you’ve finished your meal, you simply tip the scraps down the drain, turn on the tap, switch on the power, and the garbage disposal takes care of the rest. The remains are ground down, then rinsed away, saving you from dealing with a smelly trash can.

The thing is, as food is flushed through the system, small pieces can get caught up in the unit. These decay and rot over time, resulting in a smelly sink which you can’t seem to rinse away. The solution isn’t as simple as knowinghow to unclog a drain, but it’s still possible to clean a garbage disposal. Here, we will take you through what to do step-by-step, so you can get your sink smelling fresh again.

How to clean a garbage disposal

What you'll need

Dish soap


How to clean a garbage disposal and get rid of that smell


Tongs (optional)

Protective gloves

Microfiber cloth

Long-handled scrubber brush

Ice cubes and kosher salt or

Baking soda and white distilled vinegar

Citrus peels (optional)