A key breaking inside your lock can be very frustrating, especially if it means you’ve been locked out. But, with the right information, you’ll be able to fix the problem. We have summarized the steps you need to remove a broken key from your door. With this information, you should be able to remove the key yourself. If the key is too difficult to remove, you may need to seek the help of a professional. To do this, we recommend finding a local locksmith with a good reputation.

Here are the causes of broken keys:

A key breaks when a weak point starts to form, and then too much pressure is applied to this area. This is usually around the point of the key where there is a deep cut, which slowly deteriorates over time.

This is made worse depending on the material that the key is made from. If a weak metal such as aluminum is used when the key is cut, this can cause the key to breaking much faster. You’ll generally be able to see this in the key. Bright colors will begin to appear where the key is weakening. You may also begin to notice small cracks. If you see this, you should get your key replaced as soon as possible. A break is imminent.Tools to remove a broken key:

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If you’re trying to remove a broken key yourself, you’ll need a key removal tool. This is made of steel springs and is about 12cm long. They have small barbs that are used to pinch onto the broken key. Any other blade you can get in the lock would also work.How to remove the key:

1. The first step is to lubricate the key. WD40 is ideal for this. You can simply spray it into the lock to help the key slip out more easily.

2. Take the tool you’re using to remove the key and insert it into the lock, so that the teeth can touch the key that you’re trying to remove.

3. Once the teeth or barbs of the tool start to make good contact with the key, you should be able to pull it out.

4. You can then take the bits of your key to a professional locksmith in your local area. Have him fix and replace it.

If some of the broken keys stay in the lock, this can be problematic. It may mean that all the correct bid of the teeth of the key are still stuck in the lock, and that someone with a screwdriver could come and open the door at any time. If this is the case, you can continue trying to remove the key using the steps above. When all else fails, it may be necessary to find a professional locksmith such asLocksmith Fort Lauderdalewith more tools to remove the key or to fully replace the lock.