This is a big reminder to please be careful around train tracks. A man in Texarkana died yesterday (Monday, February 14) after being struck by a train.

The accident happened around 2:47 PM yesterday afternoon.

Texarkana Man Hit by Train And Killed In Texarkana, Arkansas

According to Texarkana Arkansas Police,a Union Pacific train was traveling westbound, when an unidentified man walked onto the tracks and then started to walk on the train tracks with his back to the train.

The accident took place at the crossing at Ferguson and Seibert streets in Texarkana Arkansas.

The man was transported to the hospital where he died.

The man has been identified as Willie James Ross, 80 years of age, from Texarkana, Arkansas. TAPD is still investigating the incident.

Please stay away from train tracks. Trains can not stop quickly. If a train engineer sees you on the train track they will try to warn you with the train's loud horn but they can not stop easily. If you would like more information on train track safety please go to rail safety and tips

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