The rising world of crypto attracts more and more people from all around the globe to invest in it. Let’s face it, everyone wants to earn money online and no one wants to miss out on this rising demand and higher profits of the Bitcoin Payments. But the common question here arises, How does one practice safe and smooth crypto trading and holding. Yes! you heard it right. Holding bitcoins and altcoins is a required step towards higher profits and is even considered as the best and safest investment strategy over the last 10 years of crypto existence. However, in this volatile world of crypto, there is much more.

And to make your research more effortless and your investment game strong, here are some of the best ways to earn bitcoins and altcoins on the internet. Before digging into earning and holding digital assets, one must remember that crypto works on blockchain and is a highly volatile asset that comes with risks and losses. If you are passionate enough to trade crypto and face challenges, these methods will be the gem to your crypto journey.


What is crypto mining you ask? The process of generating bitcoins and altcoins via huge hardware devices, solving complex crypto equations to validate blocks of transactions is termed crypto mining. The coins are already generated in the protocol where validation is done to make them available on the market. The process is great for earning coins but does not work for all currencies. Moreover, it requires a huge amount of computing power and electricity. Crypto mining also grants rewards to miners in the form of a fragment of the virtual token validated,

Ways To Earn Bitcoins And Altcoins On The Internet

Now the main question arises, Where do one start mining bitcoins and altcoins? The process starts by analysing and determining which cryptocurrency to mine, for example, coins like Ethereum, Monero, Dash, and Litecoin are some of the best and most popular currencies to start with. Mining requires a high-end hardware system such as ASIC –Application-specific-integrated-circuit, but one can also mine through a regular computer.

There is absolutely no need to invest thousands of dollars to get started. All you have to do is join mining networks, pay a joining fee amount and start mining together with other members too. However, the only hustle here is distributed rewards.

Also referred to as liquidity mining, the process of generating rewards via cryptocurrency locking is termed as DeFi Yield farming. These rewards come through decentralised finance projects and resemble the bonds market. Locked funds and granting liquidity to DeFi tokens, will result in rewards. Moreover one can add more tokens besides the yield depending on the type of project. Compound, Kyber Network, 0x, Ren are some of the most recognized DeFis one can start mining.

Staking deals with two methods to validate blocks –

Stalking works more like a lottery game where the more coins you hold and stake, the more are the chances of your transaction being validated. Another crucial thing to remember here is, one needs to hold multiple crypto coins and also the mechanism works great for increasing stocks.

The way to earn cryptocurrency without investing money is through crypto faucets. The faucet system is simple and requires perseverance. One can join crypto faucets that pay in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Faucets paying in bitcoin rewards their customers with Satoshis for micro-tasks where ethereum paying faucets rewards Wei. One needs to watch ads, perform surveys, and play games to earn a small portion of bitcoin and altcoins, after which one can cash them out if reached the minimum withdrawal limit. The process might sound relatively slow but is considered the most suitable way to earn coins without investing. All it requires is time and determination.

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