There are many things that might attract new players to GTA Online, but arguably the biggest draw to the game has always been the heists. Introduced in a 2015 update, aptly titled "Heists," GTA Online players now have access to a total of five heists in the game.

Fans of Story Mode were already pretty familiar with heists since they were essentially the centerpiece of the single-player mode. In theory, heists were a perfect addition to GTA Online, given how they lend themselves incredibly well to a co-op multiplayer situation.

This theory was ultimately proved right as heists became the focal point of GTA Online and the reason players primarily got into the game. New players might want to try them out but are often unclear as to where they should start.

A beginner's guide to unlocking every heist in GTA Online in 2021

Heists in GTA Online are unlocked through the acquisition of certain properties, which will require quite a bit of cash. Therefore, if heists are the sole reason why players want to try out GTA Online, they might want to save up cash until they can afford these properties.

How to unlock every heist in GTA Online: A beginner's guide to heists in 2021

The game's five original heists can be unlocked with the purchase of a High-End Apartment. To buy one of these, simply visit the Dynasty8 website on the phone and sort through the different apartments to purchase.

The location of the apartments barely makes a difference since all High-End Apartments seem to have a standard layout and features. So if the player is strapped for cash, copping a cheap apartment will not make a difference.

Keep in mind that only High-End Apartments will give access to heists. Heists unlocked with the High-End Apartment are:

The Doomsday Heist is arguably one of the most expansive ones in terms of story since it plays out in 3 Acts. To get started with the Doomsday Heist, players will need a Facility in GTA Online.

A Facility is a multipurpose property that can be bought from Maze Bank Foreclosures from the in-game phone. Much like the Apartment, all Facilities have a standard layout with optional upgrades.

The Diamond Casino Heist was the first to expand on the standard heist formula, allowing multiple approaches and alternating targets. To get started with the heist, players will first need to meet Lester in Mirror Park after he calls them.

After that, players will be asked by Lester to purchase an Arcade to serve as their base of operations. Arcade can only be bought from Maze Bank Foreclosures after the player meets with Lester and Georgina Cheng in Mirror Park.

The Arcade will also serve as a great passive income, while the basement serves as the base of operations for the heist.

The Cayo Perico Heist is the latest to arrive in GTA Online and easily the biggest, most expansive one in the game. The heist takes place on an altogether different island on the map, which can only be explored in short periods of time during the scope-out and gather intel missions.

To unlock the Cayo Perico Heist, players must first meet with Miguel Madrazo in the Music Locker. After the player meets with Miguel, they can then purchase the Kosatka Submarine from Warstock Cache and Carry in GTA Online.

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The player can then use the touchscreen terminal in the Kosatka to start the heist. But first, they must meet English Dave at LSIA to travel to Cayo Perico. After which, they can begin scoping out El Rubio's private compound.