A resourceful man has gone viral after sharing a “genius” cooking hack to reduce his energy use, showing his TikTok followers how he heats up his dinners using tealight candles.

With energy prices soaring, many people are looking to conserve energy when and where they can.

With this in mind, Adrian Ghervan, from London, has thought up an imaginative way to enjoy hot food without worrying too much about money.

In the video, which has clocked up 8.6 million views and 780,000 likes, the thrifty Uber driver placed tealight candles on his stovetop.

He then lit the candles to whip up a meal of fried eggs, all without so much as turning on his gas hob.

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All in all, Adrian says it took him around 10 minutes to heat up the oil, with another three minutes needed to fry the eggs to his liking.

He claims his wallet-friendly hack worked very well indeed.

Man shares 'genius' way he lowers his energy bills - but some say it takes too long

Adrian said: “I came up with this hack because I was thinking with all the uncertainty in the world right now what will happen if the gas gets cut off – or become so expensive we couldn’t afford it. So I thought of an alternative and it worked well".

Adrian's followers have been left impressed by his innovative thinking at a time when many are looking to cut everyday costs, with one person hailing the hack “genius” and “really clever”.

Many have noted that the tip is very timely for a lot of people, with a second person commenting, “This how the whole UK gonna be living in April".

Another wrote: “We may have to resort to this action if prices keep going up," while a fourth said they would be "saving this video in my head for rainy days".

However, some warned not to try cooking with any scented tealights and others thought it would take too much time to cook, with someone else posting: "Would take an hour to cook that one egg."

A different user added: "Pasta would take you like five/six years."

A few people were concerned the food wouldn't taste very good if it were cooked this way and highlighted possible fire risks if candles weren't blown out after cooking/any food dripped onto them.

Be sure to stay safe if you try this out for yourself.

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