A retired accountant obsessed with the thought his soon to be ex-wife would benefit financially from their divorce stabbed her 15 times as she lay in bed.

David Maggs, 71, and his wife of 18 years Linda lived separate lives under the same roof as they waited for their separation to be completed.

On the day of the murder in February last year he went into her room to talk about the divorce but she told him to leave it to the solicitors.

He returned armed with a kitchen knife and stabbed the 74-year-old in the neck, chest, stomach and arms before dialling 999 to say: "I just killed the wife".

Police bodycam footage of Maggs being arrested captured him telling officers: "I've just had enough. She tried to steal two houses from me."

Twice-divorced Maggs claimed he blanked out during the attack but a jury dismissed his plea of diminished responsibility and found him guilty of murder.

Today he was jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years.

In a victim impact statement Linda's son Andrew Minahan said: "The knock on the door on February 6, 2021 will haunt us for the rest of our lives as will the horrific images of what you did to mum.

"When you do choose to remember your savage attack on mum, we hope all the images will torment you like they torment us.

"I constantly see what you did to mum go through my head. She would have been so scared.

"I feel guilty that I was not there to protect her from you. I cannot comprehend how you could do what you did.

"The thought of how terrified and defenceless she must have felt laying in her bed sickens me to the very core."

Mr Minahan said his mother was the best "mum, nan and friend" anyone could wish for.

He added: "Because of what you have done, we will never be able to pick up the phone and speak to our mum for a chat or advice.

Man who stabbed estranged wife to death was obsessed about losing out in divorce

"We will never get to give her a hug and tell her we love her.

"We will never hear her voice and she will never get to see her grandchildren grow up, marry or even have children of their own, all because of you.

"Our hearts are broken and our lives have been ripped apart because of what you did."

Prosecutor Michael Jones QC said: "On the morning of the murder Maggs sat on his wife's bed and asked her to talk about the divorce but she told him to get out of her room and leave it to the solicitors.

"The defendant was agitated because he thought he was going to lose out and that she had hidden money away.”

Earlier the court was told Maggs had installed a lock on his door but Linda had not.

Maggs gave his wife a £30-a-week allowance and described himself as "the boss" of their finances.

In the run up to their divorce he told her: 'No sex, no marriage, no nothing' and threatened to stop paying her mobile phone bill.

Sarah Jones, QC, defending, said: "This is a man who will die in prison.

"His last words to me were, 'Will you tell them how sorry I am? I wish it had never happened."

Judge Michael Fitton told Maggs: "Linda was described as kind, warm, big-hearted, a loving mother and grandmother who loved dancing and socialising.

"She loved her family most of all and loved being with them, cooking for them, hosting them, caring for them and sharing her love with them.

"Her death was a tragic, brutal and appallingly cruel event.

"I see you as a bitter and unpleasant man, bitter and angry with life.

"She died in pain and terror."

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