The Moon Knight series premiere is coming up at the end of March, and Marvel Studios keeps feeding their fans' anticipation by releasing amazing new promotional material.Fans just got three new posters for the mysterious lunar-linked superhero. When one examines all three, they reveal examined together, they reveal some interesting things about the series.

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Given Marvel Studios' reputation for their attention to detail but strict secrecy during the time leading up to film and show releases, it's no wonder there are hints and clues, and their implications for the show, hidden in plain sight on each of these posters.


All Three Of Moon Knight's Identities Are Always There

Each of the three posters centers on a different version of the titular character Moon Knight, with the other two identities behind him. The other two identities flank the main subject in each poster, and when viewed together seems as if the three are rotating in and out of the spotlight.

This implies that all identities are always there, no matter which one is being expressed at any given time in the show.In the Steven/Marc poster, having the faces of Moon Knight and Mr. Knight (and their emphasis on violence or deduction, respectively) over each shoulder evokes the "devil and angel on each shoulder" trope, implying a duality or dilemma between each of the identities' influence.

The Moon Knight Costumes' Many Layers Imply Many Identities

Between Moon Knight's mummy-esque wraps, Mr. Knight's 2-piece suit, and Steven/Marc's hoodie and vest, all of their outfits feature multiple layers.This is a contrast to many of Marvel's superhero costumes and uniforms, many of which are single-pieces, affectionately called "onesies" or tights as in the Spiderman franchise or The Eternals.

But the layers in Moon Knight's case are deliberate and evoke the multi-layered personalities contained in the main character. Having multiple identities is integral to the Moon Knight character, and building that aspect into the costume design underscores the complicated characters viewers can look forward to.

Egyptian Iconography Points The Importance Of Egypt

Moon Knight's upper body is wrapped in what looks like linen strips, similar to those used for mummies in ancient Egypt.There is a crescent moon on his forehead as well as the crescent-shaped weapon in his hand, both evoking the Fertile Crescent, a historically important region that includes the Nile River Delta portion of Egypt.There are Egyptian hieroglyphics on Moon Knight's upper leg and superimposed on all three posters. Moon Knight: 9 Huge Reveals Discovered In The New Posters

All of this iconography hints at the vital role that Egypt as a location and its history play in the story of Moon Knight.Much like how the location of New York is vital to Spiderman or the Redroom is to Black Widow, Egypt in modern and ancient times is likely to be a major element in the upcoming show.

Moon Knight's Powers Come From Khonsu

The front of Moon Knight's hood slopes into a long point just above his nose, similar to the long white beak of the Egyptian Moon God Khonsu.Trailer footage has shown brief glimpses of this deity in the show.

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This reveals that in the show the main character will likely interact with this powerful ancient being as part of his origin story, joining the other Marvel characters who acquire their superpowers from an external source, like Wanda Maximoff whose abilities are enhanced by an Infinity Stone, or how Loki learned magic from his mother.

Moon Knight Is The Most Violent Identity Of The Three

The crescent-shaped object in Moon Knight's hand is the only weapon shown in these posters, and will likely be an important weapon for this character.His body language is also the most confrontational and aggressive of the three, with an open chest and clenched fists.

His stance mirrors a moment in the trailer where viewers watched him stride towards the camera after relentlessly beating an enemy into the ground, reminding those who saw it what Moon Knight is capable of.This confirms Moon Knight's violent methods, and how the other two won't resort to violence as quickly as he will.

Mr. Knight Behaves Professionally But Anonymously As A Detective

Mr. Knight dons a sharp, all-white double-breasted suit vest with wide rounded lapels over a crisp white shirt and textured tie. This is a classic professional look, perfect for examining clues and questioning witnesses. This means that as a superhero, Mr. Knight's crimefighting methods will be more like detective work than brute force.

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He also wears a white mask and gloves, obscuring his identity, even as a detective.There is a large stitch running from the top of Mr. Knight's head down to the right side of his nose and mouth, underscoring the divided nature of Mr. Knight's mind.

Mr. Knight Has "Ice In His Veins"

To be clear, neither Moon Knight's nor Mr. Knight's powers include living with sub-zero temperature blood running through his system.The phrase "ice in his veins" means to be "cold-blooded" or very cool, calm, and successful under much pressure, and signed colloquially by pointing at your own elbow, non-pointing arm extended.

Mr. Knight is making a very similar gesture here as he rolls up his sleeve, presumably to get to the work of solving a crime. Coupled with a confidently cocked head, his body language denotes a confident, calm-under-pressure, and highly proficient detective, that viewers can expect to see deftly solving crime with a cool head.

The Unmasked Identity Depends On Secrecy

The body language in this poster denotes a very guarded man.He is in the middle of pulling his hood up and over his face, fists obscuring his face from the side as if he's about to engage in some secretive work that requires him to conceal his identity.Both of the other identities wear masks to shield their faces but operate in full view.

A recurring theme for Moon Knight in the comics is that he wears white, as opposed to a stealthier color for nighttime vigilante work like black or dark blue, confident in the knowledge that although his opponents can spot him he will still win the fight.The unmasked identities of Steven Grant and Marc Spector don't have that luxury to the same degree, so we can expect they'll utilize more espionage-inspired methods to solve this mystery.

Steven And Marc Share Moon Knight's Unmasked Identity

This is the only poster that includes articles of clothing that aren't white.Aside from the black vest and watch, everything else worn in all three posters is white. This dual-toned break from the monochromatic posters only occurs on the unmasked version of this poster.

This is also the only poster where Oscar Isaac is squared up with the camera, creating symmetry in the final shot.This underscores the duality of Steven/Marc's life. That reveals that identities Steven Grant and Marc Spector both manifest separately as the non-superhero personality, whereas Mr. Knight and Moon Knight are distinctly themselves when dressed in their respective attire.

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