OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Tips continue flowing into KFOR concerning a local spa company, after customers claimed they paid thousands for broken tubs and worthless warranties.

Butch Oldenburg and Lana Place were hoping for reduced relaxation for their families.

“Didn’t want to buy a $10,000 dollar hot tub,” Lana explained. “Just wanted to get something we could use while we were renovating.”

“We purchased a small hot tub to see if that was something the family would like,” said Butch.

The two families found Dylan Placker online, who was selling reasonably priced spas, backed up with a warranty.

But both say as soon as the tub was installed, the problems started.

“Half of the jets didn’t work, only pump one worked, pump two didn’t work at all. Immediately, I reached out and said it’s not working properly,” said Lana.

“He said he’d come out and take care of this for us,” said Butch. “Unfortunately he didn’t show up for his appointments.”

Which seems to be somewhat of a pattern for Dylan Placker, owner of DP Spas & Hot Tubs.

It’s a business In Your Corner has been circling for some time, with complaints in our inbox dating back more than a year.

It’s a company local spa repairman, Brian Hulsey, knows all too well.

“Kept hearing the exact same story, ‘Hey I bought this hot tub off social media, got it home, doesn’t work, now this guy won’t take my calls,'” Brian with Fix-A-Spa explained.

He tells our team the calls started a few years back.

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Once on scene, Brian would often find non-functioning spas.

Should you look up DP Spas in the Oklahoma Courts, you’ll find it’s a family business.

Small claims suits have been filed from Tulsa to Washita Counties, some settled, many outstanding against both Dylan and his wife, Chelsie Placker.

One of those suits was filed by Butch, who unfortunately bought spas from both Dylan and Chelsie, unaware of their relation.

“[They] got me not once, but twice,” he said.

News 4 stopped by the home of DP Spas, but were turned away at the door by Chelsie Placker, who declined to give a comment.

Dylan Placker called our team soon after. While he didn’t deny having upset customers, he claimed he’s had several happy customers as well.

“That’s not always the case, man,” said Dylan. “I’ve sold a lot of hot tubs, I have a book of happy customers.”

He also tells News 4 he and his wife are in the process of paying back what they owe in civil lawsuit judgements.

“Like I said, I’m just one guy,” added Dylan. “Try my best to get out there and take care of every customer that reaches out to me.”

Immediately after our phone conversation, several customers reached out to News 4 claiming the Plackers were wanting to settle the funds still owed.

Brian with Fix-A-Spa advises customers in the market for a used spa insist on seeing the spa filled with water and running prior to purchase.

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