In this country drivers must not only have the proficiency to drive on a road or in a public place must also have a licence to be able to do so before they get behind the wheel of vehicle.

It's a small, but very important thing, but for some people they don't seem to realise that without it, they are breaking the law. And this was the case when officers from Gloucestershire Constabulary went to the A417 today.

Today they were on the major trunk road that runs through Gloucestershire when they spotted a grey van being driven by a man without a licence and seized the vehicle.

Van driver with no licence on A417 in Gloucestershire has 'long walk back' to West Midlands

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It meant the driver had a "long walk back" home. And by home they meant Walsall. In the West Midlands. A 60-mile walk home which would take them 20 hours.

The law in the UK states that every person who drives on public roads must hold and display a driver’s licence at all times when using their vehicle.

The penalty for not doing so could result in up to six months imprisonment, fines of £1000 plus court costs, community service orders or other potential punishments such as having your car impounded by local authorities

So while getting a licence may costs a lot to have it, it costs a lot more not to have it.