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Lisa Marie ConklinUpdated: Feb. 08, 2022

13 Silent Signs Your “Healthy” Cat Is Actually Sick

Cats are notorious for being the strong, silent types of the animal kingdom when they are sick so it's important to look for these silent signs that something may be afoot.


She’s MIA

“Cats are very stoic, which makes it difficult to tell they are sick. If your cat hides more often and is less social than normal, this could be a sign that something is wrong,” says Ashley Rossman, DVM, Glen Oak Dog and Cat Hospital. Although it’s more vague than most signs your cat is sick, don’t brush it off. The possible causes can run the gamut of an infection, endocrine disorder, or something more serious like cancer. Here are 17 other things your cat is trying to tell you with their feline ways.


He’s drinking like a fish

Cats, in general, don’t lap up copious amounts of water (about a cup for every ten pounds) so it should be fairly easy to spot when the water bowl empties quicker, or he’s trying to get water from other sources like the sink or toilet. “If your cat is drinking more water than normal this could be a sign that your cat has an endocrine disorder such as hyperthyroid disease or diabetes,” says Dr. Rossman. Definitely give your vet a call if you notice your cat is lapping up more water than usual; it’s one of the signs your cat is sick. Make sure you know which common foods are toxic to cats before you feed them.