A London park was covered in sewage and litter including condoms and loo roll after a sewer overflowed and poured into a canal.

The rubbish poured into the canal in Stratford's Olympic Park during heavy rain which caused the water levels to rise, sending sewage into the park's water network.

The overflow at Mulberry Court in Newham pumped sewer water into a canal about 100m from the River Lea, which leads to the Thames.

The canal is part of the wetlands in the Olympic Park, which was intended to be an eco-friendly area that would allow animals and plants to flourish.

However, this isn’t the first time sewage has been dumped in the Lea. The Guardian reported that in 2019 raw sewage was pumped into the river for more than 1,000 hours.

London park covered in condoms and toilet roll after sewage flows into canal

Sewage reportedly poured into the river for over 90 hours on one day in November 2019.

The latest overflow saw much of the rubbish from the sewer stick in the gate at Mulberry Court, with the rest flowing further downstream.

Photos and videos posted online showed rubbish flushed down the toilet from face masks to condom packets pouring into the canal.

Users on Twitter responded furiously with one writing that the sewage spill was: “Just grim… and why is it left to local people to clean up this hell?”

Another agreed, saying: “Horrible, but also why do people flush this stuff?? Pee, poo and paper is the only stuff that should be flushed.”

Another user added: “Heartbreaking and unforgivable. Considering how much I pay for that, I will add diabolical.”

Thames Water was contacted for comment.