CBD for dogs, who would’ve thought? Only a decade ago, CBD was largely unknown to most people and the word cannabis meant marijuana, THC, and little else. But this previously overlooked non-psychoactive compound has grown into a household staple since becoming legal in 2018, and not just for people. Dogs can use CBD too and there’s reason to believe in the effects of this highly touted wellness product.

Research into CBD has a ways to go before anyone can make a true health claim, but early research shows promising associations between CBD and pain relief, for the management of daily stress, for insomnia, and several chronic conditions. For animals, CBD appears helpful with managing anxiety, phobias, and for pain and stiffness from arthritis.

Shopping for a pet is different from shopping for a human — your pet can’t give you the thumbs up. Looking for the best CBD oil for dogs requires some trial and error which is why we’ve gathered the best products from the best brands so you can shop for your four legged companions with confidence.

How We Determine Our Rankings

In a perfect world, all CBD companies would operate in a transparent manner and empower their customers to shop with absolute confidence. In the real world, not all brands operate this way and locating extraction methods, lab tests, ingredients lists, and so on, requires some investigative work on the part of the consumer.

We did our due diligence and identified key facets of CBD production to rank the companies accordingly. Here’s how we arrived at our conclusion.

You’ll learn a lot more about a brand from its customers than you will from reading press releases and product write-ups. We sifted through thousands of user reviews for each brand to identify natural customer feedback and weed out the reviews that seemed a touch untrustworthy. When websites have a low number of reviews it’s more difficult to verify authenticity, but many of the brands featured have well over 10,000 five star reviews.

The only means to validate ingredients and purity is through laboratory testing; if you want results that you can rely on, they must come from a third-party lab. Most of the brands featured employ third-party lab testing — all of the top 10 brands listed employ third-party labs.

CBD products are often desired for their purity. For oil tinctures, most consumers want an unflavored oil, but when it comes to pets, flavoring is one of the most essential ingredients. Your dog or cat probably won’t take a product that isn’t great tasting, resulting in more effort on your end. The best CBD oil for dogs are flavored oils, in natural tastes like salmon or beef.

By and large, CBD oils are made without cruelty, and we would never feature a brand that doesn’t operate with a conscience; however, other polices are less common. Because most CBD is sold through online websites, the individual policies of each brand make a big difference. Some of the brands we featured have satisfaction guarantees and they will accept returns for any product within the return window. Likewise, there are brands that only accept returns for unopened packages and if the product doesn’t work then you’re out of luck.

Extraction methods are at the discretion of the brands. We choose to primarily feature brands that use CO2 extraction because it doesn’t require solvents, plus, it’s believed to provide more sustainability and fewer environmental consequences.

It’s not all about having the highest potency; sometimes what consumers really want is choice. The best CBD oils for dogs and cats will feature at least 2 choices for potencies, and not just a high-strength tincture for large dogs or a low dose for tiny pets. As well, there’s truly no need for some of the heaping quantities that some brands offer because pets don’t require such high doses of CBD.

Full spectrum CBD oils are arguably the best tincture option or humans, but for pets many owners would rather go with a THC-free option. If a brand can provide both — that’s great, and yet if there’s just one choice then it should feature no-THC content.

Pet owners want products that are simple and filler-free. We chose to highlight brands that adhere to this standard and ignore brands that utilize preservatives or artificial flavors. Just simple CBD the way it should be.

There are brands that demand a high price for their CBD oils and in some cases, those costs are unjustified. The brands featured provide flexible pricing options, with a product for every budget.

Best CBD Oil For Dogs: The Top 10 Brands

The Top 10 CBD Oil For Dogs

Balance CBD is synonymous with high strength and low priced CBD products. You’ll find a range of CBD oil tinctures, fruit-juice infused CBD gummies, edibles, capsules, and pets products too. CBD products for pets must have a delicious taste without using artificial ingredients — Balance CBD oil for dogs features salmon oil to entice your pet, and there’s nothing artificial inside. The addition of salmon oil makes the tinctures perfect for sprinkling onto your pet’s food, allowing for effortless application.

Consumers can count on vegan and all natural ingredients, plus third-party lab testing for purity. The tinctures are THC-free, sold in potencies of 300 mg and 600 mg, for $29.95 and $44.95 respectively. Balance CBD has a 30-day money back guarantee for their products, so there’s no chance of wasting your money. What’s nice about this brand is that they also carry pet treats which come with a peanut butter flavor, ideal for a dose of CBD in between meals. Balance CBD enjoys a great reputation with almost 40,000 five-star reviews and counting.



The Dani Pepper makes a daily wellness tincture that’s perfect for your pet. Dani Pepper uses CBD isolate in their pet tincture, and the product is vegan, with just MCT oil and CBD as their ingredients. Bottles contain 500 mg of CBD and they feature a price tag of $44.95.

These pet tinctures are also third-party tested. Dani Pepper produces one of the best CBD oils for dogs with anxiety, and the price and volume will make you feel good about purchasing.

Dani Pepper also has a fantastic range of CBD products, including an award winning CBD lube!



Cornbread is more than a brand name when it comes to CBD oil for pets — it’s also a nod to the Corndog flavor in their pet tinctures. Cornbread CBD Oil for Pets boasts 500 mg of full spectrum CBD, and a small amount of THC; just 0.3%. The oils are available for $49.99 and are backed with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Cornbread specializes in full spectrum products and as you’re shopping for your pet you might find something appealing within their collection of CBG gummies, topical creams, and capsules.



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Populum states that their Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil features human-grade CBD and all natural ingredients. Tinctures are sold in 100 mg and 250 mg bottles, for $32 and $54 each. There’s an option to purchase in regular intervals for a 20% discount too. Populum CBD oil for pets features a natural hemp taste so it could take some tinkering in order to convince your pet to take it. For best results, sprinkle a small amount on your pet’s food.

Populum has a storewide 30-day risk-free trial enabling consumers to introduce the oils to their pets at no financial risk.



Unlike other brands, Honest Paws exclusively make CBD products for pets. Consumers have some choices here too, with pet treats and even probiotic solutions. Those who want pet oils for their dog or cat have options for a mobility tincture, a calm oil, and a relief tincture. Potencies begin at 125 mg of full spectrum hemp oil and potencies reach up to 1000 mg for the highest strength tincture.

Of course, because these tinctures are full spectrum, they also contain a miniscule amount of THC — something many owners desire to avoid when seeking the best CBD oils for dogs. Prices range from $39.95 to $99.95, and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.



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CBD Pure is a brand for consumers who want pet oils in simple formulations — no flavors or preservatives of any kind. Now the lack of flavoring might appeal to some consumers, though it’s important to keep in mind that oils with a flavor infusion are typically easier to administer.

Pet oil from CBD Pure features 100 mg of full spectrum CBD, available in a single bottle for $29.99 or discounted in packages of 3 or 6. While these tinctures provide less value than some of the competing brands, CBD Pure offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.



CBD oil tinctures come in many forms and CBDistillery go to great lengths to provide a complete portfolio of oils, including something for your pooch. CBDistillery CBD Pet Tincture offers a flexible range of potencies from 150 mg bottles up to 600 mg tinctures that retail for $38.00. These tinctures are pure, simply formulated with just hemp seed oil and a full spectrum extract.

Because this CBD Pet Tincture doesn’t feature an appealing flavor, application could present challenges. Fortunately, the brand also carries Zesty Paws CBD Mobility Bites Soft Chews, which will surely attract your pet thanks to the roast beef flavor. Consumers who want to bundle their own personal oil with their pet’s tincture can purchase a bundle pack and get a slight discount.


The Best CBD Oil For Dogs – Reduce Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation


Some brands exclusively offer unflavored pet oils or just one formulation; others, put more care into marketing their products for pet use. MedTerra is the latter, and their unique CBD Pet Oil is sold in potencies beginning at 150 mg but reaching as high as 1200 mg. And it’s not only potency that varies because customers can choose either chicken or beef flavored oils, or natural flavor. The 1200 mg is an incredible value with a price of just $54.99.

MedTerra pet oils are made from isolate, boasting a THC-free formula. The oils were formulated by a veterinarian, from organic ingredients, and with natural flavors. Those who prefer to give CBD in the form of a dog treat will appreciate the CBD infused pet chews for joint relief or calm.

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Green Roads is popular on the CBD market, owning over 30,000 five-star reviews and a product lineup that covers almost every product category — even CBD coffee, chocolates, and nootropics. Naturally, Green Roads has products for pets as well; their line of tinctures presents an opportunity to try CBD oil for dogs in a low dose formulation, with 60 mg of CBD for under $20.

In max doses, these bottles feature 600 mg of CBD for a price of $59.99. Green Roads use a broad spectrum extract in these oils, so your pet might benefit from an entourage effect despite the 0% THC content. Customers can count on third-party laboratory testing, gluten-free ingredients, and no artificial flavors. Shoppers should note that there’s no flavor at all with these tinctures.



Great reviews and a large selection are but a few of the things that make CBDFx a popular brand for consumers. This brand has an excess of 20,000 five star reviews and plenty of options for pet products: CBDFx has CBD oil tinctures for dogs or cats, though they’re essentially the same oils but in a lower dose.

The CBD oil tinctures for cats feature 250 mg of cannabidiol and a chicken or beef flavor. Oil tincture for dogs offer significantly higher CBD content, up to 2000 mg for $99.99, with the same flavor options. This brand also sells unique pet products like a CBD balm for animals, and dog treats for anxiety and mobility. All oils are made with a broad spectrum formula; vegan and gluten-free. CBDFx products are made in the USA and supported by a 60-day money back guarantee.



The Best CBD Oils for Dogs: 10 – 20

If your pet has a hankering for peanut butter or the taste of blueberries, then cbdMD is the brand for your pet tincture needs — curating a wide array of CBD oils from low concentration bottles at 150 mg all the way up to a highly-concentrated tinctures at 3000 mg. There’s significant variation in pricing beginning with the 150 mg tinctures for $19.99, reaching up to $149.99 for the 3000 mg bottle.

The tinctures come with a broad spectrum formula and there’s an option for natural flavoring. There’s a calming oil with blueberry flavor, and all oils are vegan and gluten-free. Consumers can always pick up dog treats too, shampoo, and infused peanut butter.

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With canine and cat tinctures, and even horse treats — CBD American Shaman is a brand that puts thought into their CBD products for pets, providing solutions for owners. One notable distinction with this company is that while they do offer full spectrum products, there’s an option for THC-free oil tincture for owners who don’t want their pooch ingesting THC.

If there’s a knock on these tinctures, it’s their pricing. The 300 mg tinctures from CBD American Shaman sell for $59.99, double the price of other products featured on this list. The canine tinctures tout a beef and cheese flavor, and there’s also a terpene enhanced water soluble formula.

Those who are seeking highly concentrated CBD oils for pets with an economical price point will feel at ease buying products from NuLeaf Naturals. Their oils start at 300 mg, reaching as high as 1800 mg of CBD in their highest strength tincture; you can anticipate increasing discounts if you purchase these bottles in packages containing 3 to 6 bottles. It’s a lot of money up front but the savings pay off.

With NuLeaf Naturals pet tinctures you can bank on full spectrum extract and oil made from organic hemp seed. Because of a lack of flavouring, you’ll need to introduce the product slowly beginning with just a few drops on your pet’s food.

Extract Labs are better known for their sizable collection of CBD products for humans than their tinctures for pets; however, with 500 mg and 1000 mg bottles, and a relatively low cost per milligram, Extract Labs’ tinctures for animals are worthy of recognition. Extract Labs offer a “Fetch Tincture” blending full spectrum cannabinol extract and fractionated coconut oil, retailing for $30 and $50.

Fetch oils are vegan and non-GMO. Unfortunately, there’s a hitch here as the oils are tested by an in-house laboratory; third-party lab testing is the hallmark of great CBD and with an in-house laboratory you’ll have to wonder about conflicts of interest.

CBD Oil For Dogs from JustCBD comes in potencies of 100 mg, 250 mg, and 500 mg bottles. Prices range from just under $20 for the 100 mg options up to $49.99 for a 500 mg tincture. Consumers can choose between chicken or beef flavors, and there’s cat tincture too with the tastes of tuna or salmon. The flavor choices make it easy to apply the oil to either your pet’s mouth or their food. There’s never any additives or preservatives contained in these products.

Third-party lab testing ensures that you can trust these oils for your pet, and certificates for every batch are available on the website.

No matter your dog’s size, there’s a tincture to match from Holistapet. This brand offers one of the largest potency ranges of any CBD company that makes pet tinctures, with potencies from 150 mg up to a whopping 3000 mg tincture. These CBD oils are designed for dogs or cats and marketed based on weight — ideal for new CBD consumers who aren’t sure about dosing.

All tinctures for pets from this brand are made from broad spectrum extract and include additional cannabinoids. They’re dairy-free, non-gluten, and free for preservatives and additives, confirmed by third-party lab testing. Year after year, Holistapet makes the list for the best CBD oils for dogs.

While many companies produce both CBD oils for dogs and tinctures for humans, Penelope’s Bloom products are made for animals. Penelope’s Bloom offers full spectrum products for pets and their tinctures blend organic CBD with MCT oil and chamomile for added calming effects.

There’s a number of strengths to choose between — 250 mg on the low end up to 1000 mg for the high strength tincture, reasonably priced at $29.99 to $79.99. Penelope’s Bloom CBD oils for dogs are third-party tested and vegan. If your pet isn’t enthused about the tinctures, there’s treats, pet balms, and bundles as well.

Lazarus Natural has a mighty collection of cannabidiol products and arguably the largest tincture selection of any brand, and that extends to pet tinctures too. Lazarus Naturals CBD oil for dogs delivers on the promise of quality CBD with 2 formulas; one for calm and the other for joints. High potency and full spectrum — these oils have 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg of CBD. Owners can buy the oils in natural flavor if they desire purity or with wild caught salmon oil if application is a concern; really picky eaters might prefer Lazarus Naturals’ dog treats.

Joy Organics has major recognition with regular CBD customers and their commitment to high-quality full spectrum and broad spectrum products is never in question. In addition to human CBD formulations, Joy Organics has CBD oils for dogs, pet treats, and salves.

Premium CBD Tincture for Dogs, Cats & Pets is broad spectrum and sold in 450 mg and 900 mg bottles; priced at $44.95 and $69.95. Unlike many other brands, there aren’t multiple formulas, and this tincture is designed for a wide array of uses. Third-party lab testing, cruelty-free production, and THC-free products make this brand an appealing choice for pet owners.

Looking for an entourage effect for your feline or canine companion without any THC? Colorado Botanicals has you covered. Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats features the balance of cannabinoids and terpenes but no THC content. Every bottle contains 750 mg of total volume, made from Colorado grown hemp. At $59.99, it’s a great value and a 60-day return policy ensures that all customers will receive their money’s worth.

CBD Oil For Pain in Dogs

When pet owners turn to CBD for their dog or cat, there’s a reason, but that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy decision. Some owners are incredibly uncomfortable with giving their animal anything other than organic food. If you fall into this category, rest easy; CBD is a natural plant compound.

CBD oil is popular for pain in dogs because it’s easy to get the animal to take it and affordable enough for daily use. As well, CBD can help with different kinds of pain, including challenging issues like joint pain. Pain is often the focus, but CBD oil can do much more. Most of the early research pertaining to CBD involves animal studies and so far, this compound shows some promise for a number of conditions and ailments.

The benefits may exceed our current understanding but assessing whether CBD is providing a benefit to your animal is more complicated than with a human. One sure-fire way to assess results is to give CBD to your dog or cat and wait an hour to see how the animal reacts. If your dog is suffering from pain, then CBD might make the animal happier — and you’ll notice the difference in the way they move around.

Animals with phobias or anxiety from loud noises could become more docile after taking CBD and not react dramatically. The process might take some time but by paying attention you’ll be able to recognize if the CBD is working as intended and providing a genuine benefit. Another of the benefits of taking CBD is that it comes with few side effects, which are much milder than those associated with pain killers or other pharmaceuticals.

How To Give CBD Oil To Your Dog

At first thought it might seem challenging to give CBD oil to your dog, but the process is actually easy. With a flavored oil, you can apply the drops directly to your pet’s mouth. After only a few applications the dog will likely appreciate the taste and be drawn to the oils in the future.

If that sounds too involved, then another great option is to apply the oil to your pet’s food. Simply sprinkle a few drops of oil on top of your pet’s food and mix it for best results. Flavored oils will attract the animal to the food, enhancing the taste.

CBD Oil for Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

When people say CBD, what they’re really saying is cannabidiol — a compound contained in hemp, and among hundreds of unique and naturally occurring compounds in cannabis. Unlike the THC that’s found in marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive, and it doesn’t create the effects associated with being high.

Marijuana looms over everything cannabis related, however, while both industrial hemp and marijuana contain THC, the plants that are used for CBD extraction contain at most 0.3% THC, barely above 0%. For contrast, many marijuana strains contain upwards of 20% THC.

The CBD oil that’s used in pet products is the same grade as the CBD contained in human products. In actuality, brands that use unflavored oils are often distributing their human CBD oils for a pet label. There’s nothing nefarious going on here of course, as it’s the same lab tested product you’d buy for yourself.

On the other hand, CBD oil for dogs can also feature a natural oil like salmon oil for flavoring or additional botanicals. It’s always wise to read the label carefully before making a purchase.

There’s no high associated with CBD. Your pet won’t feel inebriated from the products, even if they use a full spectrum CBD oil.

The most reliable place to buy CBD oil for dogs is through an online store. It’s true that many markets have local stores that sell CBD but many of the brands we chose to feature have satisfaction guarantees and will fully refund a product if it doesn’t work. You won’t receive that offer at a local store. Online retailers also include lab certificates of analysis, and they offer fast shipping, and in many cases, free shipping.

The answer depends on the owners themselves. It’s well established that full spectrum CBD is a better product for humans, but these products do contain THC and dogs have a higher sensitivity to THC. For this reason, most people prefer to give their pet a product that is THC-free and dogs benefit from broad spectrum and CBD isolate products.

CBD oil could begin to affect your dog just 20 minutes after consumption but expect the effects to take up to an hour to fully kick in. When dosing an animal, exercise patience to avoid any unwanted side effects.

When administering cannabidiol to your pet you’ll want to stick to the dosing scale. CBD dosage is determined based on weight and many online brands offer a detailed dosing scale to provide clarity for pet owners.

If you have CBD but no dosing scale, there’s a relatively simple way to ensure that you don’t over do it. Administer a dose of 3 to 5 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of weight. If your animal weighs less than 10 pounds, aim for a dosage between 2.5 mg and 5 mg of CBD.

The Takeaway

Shopping for CBD for your pet can feel intimidating. There’s so many different products on the market and each claims it offers the greatest blend, the purist ingredients, or just the best CBD oil for dogs, period. When it’s time to make a purchase, many people are justifiably confused about which products will actually work the best.

Every brand featured above is a quality company that you can trust, and all but a few use third-party lab testing. For the best price and flavor, combined with a THC-free formula, Balance CBD leads the field and their 300 and 600 mg bottles are priced to provide the necessary value of a daily wellness product. With a 30-day money back guarantee and vegan ingredients, along with sustainable practices, you can feel good about shopping on Balance CBD and your pet can too.