WE all scream for ice cream — especially when it's guilt-free and vegan friendly.

Whether you're cutting down on dairy, intrigued, or just plain old vegan, we've hunted (with a spoon, of course) to find the best vegan ice cream to fill your freezer with this summer.

Vegan ice cream absolutely does not lack flavour, even though it is plant-based (and therefore dairy-free).

Instead of using dairy products, brands like Magnum and Ben & Jerry's have opted for vegan-friendly alternatives like cashew, coconut and soya milk in their icy tubs.

Prepare to salivate throughout our round-up of the best (tried and tested) vegan ice creams to buy right now.

1. Northern Bloc: The Chocolate Collection

Anything called 'The Chocolate Collection' has got our attention. Leeds-based Northern Bloc is renowned for its bold flavours and outright refusal to use any additives.

We tried their Chocolate Collection box, which contained four 100ml tubs of premium, plant-based ice cream in two unique flavours: Vegan Chocolate and Honeycomb, and Vegan Chocolate Stracciatella (dark chocolate flakes).

We thought it was possibly the best ice cream we've tasted - non-vegan included. The consistency was creamy, almost mousse-like - and the flavours were dark, intense and delicious.

The honeycomb was crunchy and salty-sweet, while the moreish dark chocolate shards on the Vegan Chocolate Stracciatella were light and flaky.

It's no wonder this range is selling out in supermarkets, and why Northern Bloc is even sold at theatres and restaurants nationwide - Wagamama included.

2. Little Moons Vegan Tropical Passionfruit and Mango

No, we'd never heard of a 'mochi' either, but now we're so glad we have.

Introducing: Little Moons - they're mini scoops of artisan ice cream, wrapped in a chewy and soft mochi rice dough.

We tried the Tropical Passionfruit and Mango flavour and thought they were absolutely divine. Little Moons recommend taking them out to thaw five minutes before eating, which was difficult, but worth it.

The rice dough is chewy and sharp from the passionfruit, while the dairy-free mango ice cream is silky smooth and rich. And at only 78 calories per ball, they're a healthier treat - while remaining delicious.

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The bite-sized plant-based balls are always gluten-free, too - we bet you won't want to share them.

3. Oppo Brothers Double Salted Caramel Swirl

Who said ice cream can't be a healthier dessert choice? Certainly not the Oppo Brothers, which prides itself on making indulgent ice cream with 60% less sugar.

Its vegan Double Salted Caramel Swirl comes in at 165 calories per half a tub, but it still feels like such a treat. Cutting down on calories certainly does not mean missing out on flavour with this ice cream - it's rich without being too sweet, and still feels silky soft.

What's more, Oppo Brothers is the first major ice cream brand in the UK to set up a delivery service, and trust us - the ice cream actually arrives pretty frozen at your door.

And, for every tree that Oppo needs for its sustainably-managed packaging, it plants five more, and its packaging plant runs entirely on green energy. Sign us up.

4. Magnum Vegan Sea Salt Caramel

After the successful launch of the Magnum Vegan Classic, there's no holding back the ice-cream giant as it continues to launch new and exciting dairy-free flavours.

Its much-anticipated Sea Salt Caramel ice cream bars are made from pea-protein and Rainforest Alliance-approved cocoa beans.

Despite being dairy-free, it still guarantees that classic Magnum 'crack' as you bite into the chocolate, and the rich salted caramel compliments the creamy ice cream centre perfectly.

5. Ben and Jerry's Save Our Swirled Now

Ice-cream giant Ben & Jerry's has been rewriting the rule book when it comes to vegan ice cream.

Save Our Swirled Now is a combination of dairy-free coconut ice cream swirled with cookie, chocolatey chunks and lashings of caramel.

Formerly named Coconutterly Caramel'd, Ben & Jerry's renamed its vegan favourite to help raise awareness of climate change - and how they don't want parts of the world to melt (like ice cream).

The ice cream is obviously delicious, too - with a perfect blend of silky smooth coconut-flavoured ice cream, chewy chunks and lip-smacking rich caramel. It feels luxurious, but comes in at under a fiver for a pot.

6. Blue Skies Dairy-Free Mango & Passion Fruit Ice Cream

This is definitely one to pop in your next online shop without anybody noticing...

Blue Skies has an extensive range of delectable vegan ice cream flavours, but this one was our favourite.

Going dairy-free shouldn't mean you have to opt for tarty, boring sorbets this summer - this Mango & Passion Fruit offering from Blue Skies is so tasty and creamy, as it's made with fresh coconut milk.

As if it couldn't get any better, it's also gluten and soya-free, too - so definitely one that can be shared with the whole family, or barbecue guests.


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