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Little People, Big Worldstar,AudreyRoloff, is getting a ton of backlash from fans accusing her of endangering her kids.

Audrey Roloff Accused of Child Endangerment!

Audrey, 31, is coming under fire from fans because of her latest parenting choices.Audreyand husband Jeremy share three kids together. On Tuesday, she shared a cute video of herself and her two children having fun in the hot tub together. In the clip,Audreywas filmingEmber, 4, andBode2, who were all smiles as they enjoyed the tub. They splashed around the water as they hung out near the tiled edge of the tub. Fans of the star weren’t too happy withAudrey’slatest post.

One of them took a screenshot of the video and reposted it on Reddit.Little People, Big Worldfans blasted the mother of three for putting her kids in danger. The original post read, “Young kids should not be in a hot tub!” SeveralLPBWflocked to the Reddit post to give their perspective onAudrey’sdecision to allow her kids in the hot tub. “Yeah I feel like this can’t be good for them? They’re dangerous for young children,” one fan said. Another fan wrote on the post, “I have to question whatAudreyis thinking here. Hot tubs for children under five are not really recommended because little ones can’t regulate their temperatures. But then I sometimes sense these people won’t be happy being corrected.”

Another fan even included Audrey’s youngest child,Radley, in the situation. They hopedAudreywasn’t “wearing the baby strapped to her chest in the water as well.” The viewer was referencing another incident that led toAudreybeing attacked again for her parenting. Earlier this month, she received backlash for making dough while havingRadleystrapped to her chest.

LPBWfans were upset that she also allowed all sorts of essential oils to go directly on the baby’s face while cooking. One fan said, “I don’t remember her wearingEmberandBodethis much. She seems very clingy to him.”However, on the Reddit post, there were some fans who defendedAudrey’sdecision as long as she was being careful in the tub. “Relax. She may have it on the low. It doesn’t look like it’s on since there are no bubbles.”

Audrey’salso came under backlash fromLPBWfans for oversharing aboutRadley’sbirth. She posted numerous photos and videos of herself welcomingRadleyinto the world. The birth took place in a bathtub whileJeremyheld her hand as she was in labor.

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