You know what? Butt rashes happen. Though a derriere disturbance isn’t fun, it’s totally normal (really). A rash can pop up anywhere on your skin, including your bum. It’s not weird or gross, but you can do something about it and get the rump relief you deserve.

Hallllp, There’s a Rash on My Butt

Most rashes are mild. A rash shows up when skin gets inflamed, which causes redness, bumps, itchiness, and/or general irritation. Every rash has slightly different symptoms and appearance.

Most types of rashes that can happen on your back, stomach, or face can also show up on your posterior. Though most butt rashes are treated with over-the-counter products (or peace out on their own), some are symptoms of a bigger problem (but this is rare).

To make sure the bumps on your behind are innocuous (as annoying as they might be), here’s a list of almost every bum rash you might encounter.