McDonald's has divided fans with their latest restaurant installation featuring an exercise bike to let customers burn calories while they eat.

Fast food lovers spotted the fitness bikes at the Shanghai branch in east China and one woman was filmed chomping down on a Big Mac and taking big gulps of a soft drink.

She posted on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, on Thursday and joked: "That means I didn't eat at all."

After each bite, she pedals forward with her feet and stops to take a sip from her drink before continuing to finish her meal.

The influencer added in the comments: "You can also charge your phone on the table – only if you pedal fast enough."

Many fans said McDonald's tried to "fool their customers" by putting up the exercise bike at the restaurant.

McDonald's installs exercise bikes for customers to burn calories while munching burgers

One complained: "You're falling into their trap – you paid for the meal and now you're saving their electricity bills."

"You're going to get cramps for eating while exercising," a second wrote but a third called it a "genius idea", explaining: "You burn what you eat, I like this."

A forth commented: "That just cancelled out what you ate and now you can go order another meal. Amazing, I love it."

McDonald's China responded on Douyin and explained the bikes are part of the low carbon-emission project to promote sustainability.

They said: "The bikes are for phone charging and not a fitness bike. First you place your phone on the wireless charging pad, then pedal to charge.

"You can also look up to the mirrored ceiling to take a selfie. Our bikes are built suing recycled materials.

"It's recommended that customers under the age of 14 should be supervised by an adult when using the bike."

They also put up a"calorie calculator" on the official McDonald's website for customers to "take reference".

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