Did you know that between 4 and 10 percent of men suffer from varying degrees of infertility? And most of these men don’t even know it until they start trying for a kid. Men are typically considered most fertile between the ages of 30 and 35.

After that age range, fertility rates plummet depending on lifestyle factors, genetics, and other issues. It is important to do everything to keep your “soldiers” in peak condition as an adult male. One of the things you can do is take male fertility supplements.

Many men’s fertility supplements are in the market, making choosing the best male fertility supplements difficult. Most men are too busy trying to earn a living and build their dreams, so there’s little or no time to seek the best male fertility supplements. And doctor recommendations can have side effects. That’s why we’ve done all the work for you.

This article has found, researched, and collated the best male fertility supplements that will help improve your chances of being a father. And thanks to the internet, you can easily buy male fertility supplements online and have them discreetly sent to your preferred address.

Also, these male fertility aids can provide extra benefits such as increased testosterone levels, better libido, and stronger performance between the sheets. If you’re ready to buy the best male fertility supplements, the supplements listed here will work.

The Top Male Fertility Supplements in 2022

If you go by the advertised benefits listed on manufacturers’ websites, you will buy every man’s fertility product.

The truth is that all supplement makers make pretty big claims. But which ones are proven to be effective at making you more fertile? The male fertility supplements listed here have pretty solid track records:

As one of the more top-rated male fertility supplements, Fertility Factor 5 offers benefits like higher sperm count, better sperm morphology (so they are healthier), and improved sperm volume (higher sperm quantity increases the chances of fertility).

It also helps better motility (helps sperms swim faster), aids male sexual capabilities, etc. Fertility Factor 5 can do this because of ingredients like selenium, zinc, longjack, and Bioperine. These ingredients improve sex drive, increase sperm production and quality, and promote sexual wellness.

The parent company, VigRX, offers a 67-day money-back guarantee on every purchase. So, you have over two months to test the male fertility supplement. If you’re unsatisfied with the results afterward, you have the right to request a refund.

If you have a low sperm count and are looking for a male fertility supplement that can help increase sperm volume, then FairHaven Health FH Pro for Men might be the right supplement for you.

FairHaven Health FH Pro for Men contains over 25 natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to aid increased sperm and volume and improve your vitality. Its ingredients include selenium, zinc, lycopene, L-arginine, L-carnitine tartrate, and vitamins C & E.

As one of the well-known male fertility supplements online, Semenax claims to help men increase the intensity of their orgasms and boost their semen volume.

Better orgasm intensity means that your sperms are deposited farther, thus shortening the distance required for your sperms to swim. Increased sperm volume also improves the odds of conception in a female partner.

While Semenax is mostly promoted as a sexual performance enhancer, its ingredients help improve sexual fertility. With the quality ingredients in Semenax, you’re more likely to make a baby.

Semenoll is a highly-rated male fertility supplement that claims to help support male reproductive health naturally through its combined natural ingredients. Men who take Semenoll are likely to enjoy increased quality sperm production, improved sex drive and performance, and increased male fertility.

Semenoll’s claim to fame stems from the triple-action Semenoll Effect system. The system is based on the supplement’s ability to boost sexual performance, protect the sperm you produce, and increase your fertility. This triple-action effect rapidly increases your odds of making a baby.

Sometimes, the inability to conceive is because of inadequate sperm volume. All things being equal, men with higher sperm volume are more likely to get someone pregnant than those with low sperm quantity. You need to increase your sperm volume to become a father.

Volume Pills claims to help you achieve this by increasing your available sperm volume by 500 percent during orgasm. This way, you can “shoot” more semen quantity and improve your odds of being a father.

Volume Pills also claim to provide you with harder and bigger erections so you can increase your natural ability to finish strong. It supposedly does this by aiding blood flow to your genitals, providing stronger erections, and improving your lasting power.

Volume Pills contains many Chinese herbal ingredients like san guo mu, xi lan rou gui, Solidilin, Ku Gua, and Hong Hua Fen, among other popular Chinese virility herbs. The company offers a 67-day money-back guarantee for every purchase.

Beli is known for producing male and female prenatal supplements. Their Beli for Men Vitality supplement targets men looking to make a baby and struggle with it. This powerful multivitamin can help men get their partner pregnant faster.

The supplement is made from organic, vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients like zinc, vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10, folate, vitamin E, and shilajit. These ingredients are well-known for their ability to aid male fertility, improve sperm motility and production, increase potency and overall male vitality.

Man is wired to leave a legacy. This is why we plant trees, build things, have things named after us, and have kids. If you’re currently struggling with the kids part, then Legacy Male Fertility Supplement might be able to help.

This NSF-Certified male fertility supplement formula is designed to help you make a baby by boosting sperm volume and quality, increasing sperm motility, and improving egg-penetration capabilities.

Legacy Male Fertility Supplement contains proven and science-backed ingredients such as selenium, zinc, folate, CoQ10, lycopene, D-aspartic acid, L-carnitine, and vitamins C, D, and E.

The company offers a range of male fertility supplements and aids designed to help you become more fertile and track your progress.

This is a great thing because you will be able to keep track of male fertility indexes like sperm motility, volume, and production. Natalist Male Fertility Supplements contain potent ingredients in powerful doses.

Natalist is one of the more popular male fertility companies and is well-liked by its customers. If you’re looking for male fertility supplements backed by proven scientific ingredients, you should try Natalist’s male fertility products.

Coast Science Male Fertility MFSG5 is solely designed to enhance your sperm count, making it a great option for people with low sperm count. It contains proven fertility-boosting ingredients like lycopene, ashwagandha, L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, etc.

Formulated and manufactured in San Diego, this supplement might just be the answer to your desire to make a baby.

This is another highly-rated and popular male fertility supplement. Blue Stork Men’s Fertility Support claims to help men improve their chances of getting someone pregnant by supporting and aiding their fertility.

The supplement uses proven fertility-boosting ingredients like maca root, L-carnitine, vitamin B12, and folate to help men produce better quality sperm with good motility.

Blue Stork Men’s Fertility Support is a budget male fertility supplement. So, if you’re looking for a more affordable male fertility supplement, this is one to get.

Sometimes, a lack of conception is linked to poor sperm quality. If you can produce healthier sperm, you can easily get your partner pregnant. That’s what Mode for Him male fertility supplement claims to help people with.

The company claims that its ingredients are scientifically proven to help men produce better sperm quality, increasing their chance of getting their partner pregnant.

These ingredients include zinc, quercetin, coenzyme Q10, magnesium, folate, ginger, and vitamins B12, C, & E, among others. The best thing about Mode for Him is that it’s one of the more affordable and budget male fertility supplements on our list.

So, if you want to have healthier sperm without breaking the bank, try Mode for Him male fertility supplement.

This is one of the top-rated male fertility supplements that men can use to boost their ability to make a baby dramatically.

Formulated and produced by Theralogix Nutritional Science, ConceptionXR uses a blend of powerful ingredients to help men produce high-quality sperm. Thus, increasing their ability to get someone pregnant and become proud dads.

ConceptionXR male fertility supplement works by specifically aiding sperm morphology and motility. This way, you can easily increase your sperm quality and improve your chances of being a dad.

The parent company, Theralogix Nutritional Science, is a reputable and well-known supplement company. And they’re very transparent about their processes. So, if you prefer a male fertility supplement that’s manufactured in the USA, this is one that you should check out.

Another popular male fertility supplement, Ready. Set. Go! Fertility Support claims to help men improve their ability to become dads. Manufactured by Best Nest Wellness, this fertility supplement can help put your body in great shape to produce better quality sperm.

Ready. Set. Go! Fertility Support contains ingredients like ginseng, maca root, multiple vitamins, minerals, saw palmetto extracts, and coenzyme Q1.

Unlike most of the male fertility supplements on this list, Premama Fertility Support For Him is a chocolate-flavored drink mix that you can take on the go. This is a great option for men who don’t like taking pills or capsules and prefer a fun, easy way to support their sexual health and become more fertile. It’s made from high-quality ingredients like zinc and vitamins C & E.

What if you could naturally increase male fertility and boost your chances of making a baby using a proven formula? That’s what Molecular Fertility promises.

The male fertility supplement works by combining three powerful fertility enhancers: Male Preconception +, Male Preconception, and VIVOMEGA Fish Oil. These three super-potent male fertility supplements combined provide a really effective way to improve your fertility odds.

This formula contains powerful sexual and wellness ingredients like alpha-lipoic acid, CoQ10, acetyl L-carnitine, and ashwagandha. By taking Molecular Fertility male fertility supplements frequently, you’re more likely to increase your female partner’s chances of getting pregnant.

Factors Influencing Our Choice For Top Male Fertility Supplements

We didn’t just randomly pick male fertility supplements because they were popular. We chose these supplements because they passed key requirements in our selection process. These requirements include:

Ranking the Best Male Fertility Supplements for Men to Buy in 2022 | Courier-Herald ECH ECH

It is important to choose male fertility supplements with scientifically proven ingredients to increase your chances of being more fertile. You’re trying to get your partner to conceive, and these supplement ingredients have been tested and proven to help with male fertility.

The best male fertility supplements are formulated and manufactured by medical or health experts and specialists. If they’re not directly involved, they should be on the company’s board at the very least. Many of the supplements were formulated and manufactured by healthcare professionals and scientific researchers or have experienced medical advisors on their boards and management teams.

All top-rated male fertility supplements have dosages that are optimized and designed for maximum effect. Most supplement companies know and understand its importance and ensure that men who need their supplements actually get the most optimal dosages.

Dealing with poor or low fertility is stressful enough. You shouldn’t have to struggle to take the supplement. This is why we chose and listed supplements that are not only effective but also very easy to use. Most of the male fertility supplements on this list are in capsule forms. So they’re pretty easy to take.

It’s easy for anyone to concoct some herbs, package them, and advertise them to make a profit. But this doesn’t mean that the product will be effective. The products on this list have benefits that are advertised. We avoided those supplements with bogus or outlandish claims and only chose those with real benefits.

While most supplements are priced around the $60 mark, the reality is there’s something for everyone. Depending on your budget, you should be able to get good value for every cent if you buy the male fertility supplements on this list.

Most male fertility supplements take a while before they start working optimally. They have to be bioavailable in the body in good amounts. As a result, becoming more fertile takes time. This is why reputable male fertility supplement companies provide a 60+ money-back guarantee. This allows you to use the product for two months or more. If there’s no marked improvement after that, you can request a refund, and they’ll honor it.

Male fertility supplements with transparent processes and a good reputation produce better supplements and results than those without them. It’s important to look out for this when shopping for a male fertility supplement. Companies like this also had a good reputation online and offline.

8 Great Natural Ways to Boost Male Fertility

While male fertility-enhancing supplements can work, it is important to ensure that your body is also in great health.

There are many natural ways to boost your fertility so that your body will cooperate with the supplements you’re taking and deliver the awesome fertility results that you desire. The tips in this section should help you do that.

Did you know that being in poor physical shape can adversely affect your sperm count and motility? That’s right. Studies have shown a direct correlation between increased weight, lower sperm production, and less sperm motility.

Therefore, if you are overweight, start exercising and get good shape. Frequent moderate exercise can help in this regard. Start with 20-30 minute walks and increase the intensity as you see fit. Health practitioners recommend 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week of exercise to lose weight and stay in good shape.

Even if you can’t adhere to a strict schedule, just find ways to stay active during the day. Climb the stairs instead of taking the lift, park 2-3 blocks away from the office, walk to and from the building, and take evening strolls… just find what works for you and fits into your day.

You cannot give what you don’t have. Want to become more fertile? Then, you have to pay better attention to what you feed and nourish your body with. Watch your food intake, cut out the junk, and eat healthier.

Eat more natural foods rich in vitamins and minerals. This means more vegetables, fruits, water, whole fiber carbs, plant and animal proteins, healthy fats, and little or no processed foods. Also, remember to eat them in moderation.

Stress and anxiety can affect your ability to make babies and get your partner pregnant. The body needs to be in relative ease, comfort, and relaxation to produce quality sperms that can impregnate someone.

So, do what you can to lower your stress levels. Get more sleep, watch more comedies so that you can de-stress, swim, do some yoga… just find great ways to relax and stay calm.

Do yourself a favor ad stay away from sexual behaviors that can give you STIs. This is because sexually transmitted diseases –particularly those that you’re unaware of- can cause lasting damage to your sexual organs.

And this can affect your ability to produce healthy sperms that you need. So, avoid multiple sexual partners. And if you have an agreement with them, make sure they don’t have any STIs and are only having sex with you.

Your genitals, particularly the scrotum, need to be cool. The body is designed in such a manner that the temperature of the scrotum should be lower than your body temperature.

Therefore, avoid wearing tight briefs or those that trap heat. Only wear breathable, free briefs, boxers, shorts, and trousers. Cotton-based briefs and boxers are great. Also, avoid putting laptops on your thighs. Keep away from microwaves, ovens, grills, hot tubs, or other heat sources.

Smoking and excessive drinking won’t do you any good. This applies to cannabis too. Smoking and drinking result in lower sperm counts, low testosterone production, and low libido. So, cut them out.

You probably don’t think much of these, but environmental pollutants can affect your ability to make babies. Toxins like lead and pesticides can be found in water and soil, thus contaminating your water and food.

You need to pay attention to where your food comes from. If you can, only eat organic foods grown and harvested from known farms. Also, if you work in manufacturing, a chemical plant, or a place where you’re likely to be exposed to dangerous chemicals and toxins, you should do everything you can to protect yourself as that can affect your fertility. If you can, avoid that exposure.

If you happen to be getting treatment for certain health conditions, speak to your physician about the possible impact of the drugs on your fertility.

Some drugs interfere with your body’s ability to produce sperm. For instance, if you take anabolic steroids or antidepressants, they can affect fertility. See if your doctor can recommend something else for your condition.

4 Major Causes of Infertility in Men

Did you know that about 15 percent of couples tend to deal with infertility? This is particularly when the couple has been trying to have a baby after constant and unprotected sexual relations for 12 months or more.

While the cause of infertility can be from both partners, we will focus on the cause of infertility in men in this article.

Men with sperm that travel less than 25 micrometers per second have low or poor sperm motility. This means their sperm is not traveling fast enough to fertilize an egg.

In some instances, the sperm doesn’t even move at all. Unless the egg “collides” with the sperm, the female partner will probably never get pregnant.

If you have a low sperm count, you’re producing far less sperm than expected. You need to produce a minimum of 15 million healthy sperm per milliliter to fertilize an egg successfully. Men who are unable to do this tend to struggle with fertility.

A healthy sperm cell has a certain number of features: a head with the ability to penetrate an egg, a solid mid-section, and a tail for swimming. This is known as the morphology of the sperm.

So, if your sperm lacks one or more of these features, they are said to have an unusual morphology. And this can adversely affect your ability to impregnate someone. However, sperms with good morphology are more likely to achieve their aim.

Sometimes, the problem isn’t the sperm; it’s the man’s capability. For instance, men who cannot produce optimal amounts of ejaculate or struggle to even ejaculate in the first place.

If someone has a blockage in their seminal tract, it will be difficult for them to produce enough ejaculate to get the woman pregnant. Also, low libido from low testosterone can lead to erectile dysfunction and less coital frequency.

When Should You Talk to a Physician About Your Male Fertility Issues?

Sometimes, it just takes time for couples to get pregnant. For instance, if the male partner usually travels for work and is only around when the partner isn’t ovulating, the chances are low that the woman will get pregnant. In that instance, they just need to find the ideal times to have sex frequently.

However, if you have done everything you can, or develop some of the issues listed below, then you need to see a physician about it:

Do Male Fertility Supplements Work?

Many men are skeptical about male fertility supplements. Some think they’re just multivitamin supplements, while others think they don’t work.

Unfortunately, the boom in fertility clinics, the increasing number of men with low testosterone, and later-stage babies among women seem to aid these assertions. In this section of the article, we’ll be examining ingredients that make male fertility supplements work.

Look for these ingredients in the male fertility supplement you want to buy. Thankfully, most of the supplements on our list do.

This compound has become better known in recent years, thanks to its potential to help men enjoy higher testosterone levels. Since higher testosterone levels are linked to higher sex drive, it makes sense that taking DAA, which has been scientifically proven to help improve testosterone, can contribute to male fertility.

D-Aspartic Acid apparently works by increasing men’s luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels. Many male fertility supplements have D-Aspartic Acid as an active ingredient. In some studies, men who took DAA supplements reportedly showed higher testosterone levels within 12 days.

Another study showed that when men with low sperm count took supplements with DAA, they doubled their sperm production after 90 days, with many increasing their sperm levels from 8.2 million sperm/mL to 16.5 million sperm/ML.

Remember that anything less than 15 million sperm/mL is considered low sperm count. So, they basically improved their chances of getting pregnant after taking the DAA supplement for 90 days. So, look for male fertility supplements containing decent or optimal amounts of D-Aspartic Acid.

Have you noticed that you tend to feel more energized and awake during the day when you spend 10-20 minutes outside between 7 and 8 am? If you do, your body has absorbed enough vitamin D that it needs for the day.

But that’s not where the effect of vitamin D ends. It also helps improve testosterone levels and increase sperm production. So, if you haven’t been going out in the sun, particularly early in the morning, research says you should start now.

But if you don’t want exposure to the sun or are in an area where it’s overcast for days, try taking vitamin D supplements. Studies have shown that men who took 3,000 IU of vitamin D supplements every day had higher serum levels than those given the placebo and increased their testosterone by 20 percent.

This is a common ingredient in the best male fertility supplements. That’s because it’s been linked to higher testosterone levels. In fact, some studies have shown that men with low T tend to have low zinc levels. Coincidence? We think not.

Studies where men were placed on zinc supplements, showed higher testosterone levels, but the zinc prevented testosterone level drop due to stress. So, if you’re looking to make babies, now is the time to load up on male fertility supplements with the right zinc quantities.

Although a trace mineral, boron is essential for your sexual health. Men who take 6mg of boron supplements every day will likely increase their testosterone levels by almost 30 percent after two months.

Therefore, top male fertility supplements tend to have decent amounts of boron to complement and aid the effect of other important ingredients.

This crucial mineral is not only linked to increased fertility, but it also does wonders for your immune system. Taken in the right amounts, you will enjoy the combined benefits of better fertility and a stronger immune system.

Selenium is known to aid fertility by protecting the membranes protecting your sperm and body cells from breaking down. This way, it helps improve the male’s chances of impregnating the female.

Sometimes, men don’t have a sperm quality problem. What they have is an erection problem. Sperms can only travel a limited distance, so you need to help them by depositing them deeper inside the partner. To do this, you need hard erections with strong ejaculations.

The erections make it easy to penetrate the female, while powerful ejaculations make conception easier. L-Arginine helps with stronger erections by dilating blood vessels and allowing increased blood flow to the male genitals.

The same applies to L-Citrulline, which also aids stronger erections thanks to increasing nitric oxide availability in the body. Studies involving L-Citrulline showed that men with erectile dysfunction who took 1.5g of it every day had stronger erections without any side effects.

Studies involving the impact of vitamins C, E, and Coenzyme Q10 showed that these antioxidants could boost your fertility when present in optimal quantities.

Vitamin C, for example, has been linked to better sperm mobility and concentration. This means better sperm quality and potency. The same goes for vitamin E and CoQ10, among others.

Some male fertility supplements might have certain plants and herb extracts like ashwagandha, ginger, Tongkat Ali, and shilajit. These ingredients are known for their varied capabilities to boost libidos, increase testosterone levels, strengthen erections, and improve fertility.

For instance, ashwagandha can increase testosterone up to 22 percent. Shilajit can increase testosterone levels by 23 percent, boost sperm quality by 37 percent, and increase sperm production by over 60 percent.

Tongkat Ali is particularly great for raising testosterone levels in men under stress. Men have seen a 46 percent increase in testosterone after using it for a month.

Ultimately, the top male fertility supplements will have several all these ingredients, working in a complementary manner to increase sperm production, boost testosterone levels, improve erectile issues, and make you more fertile to make a baby.

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Male Fertility Supplements Frequently Asked Questions

We often get many questions from people who want to know more about the best male fertility supplements. And since most of the questions are similar, we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions people have about male fertility aids.

A: There are many causes of male infertility. From illnesses, physical injuries, and genetic conditions to environmental and chemical toxins. Every individual likely has a unique cause, but you’ll need to talk to the doctor. They’re better equipped and trained to tell you why. The important thing is to endeavor to do everything you can to reverse possible damages and become more fertile.

A: Absolutely. Research shows that bad health habits like smoking, excess alcohol consumption, illicit drugs, and opioid addiction can affect your virility. These chemicals and substances can easily slow down your sperm production, harden arteries, and affect hormone balance. Some of them, like tobacco, have been known to impair sperm DNA.

A: Studies and research have shown that most steroids can impede the body’s ability to produce the necessary hormones for the production of sperm. So, if you’re looking to become more fertile, you may want to stop or avoid taking all forms of steroids.

A: That depends on the frequency of coitus and partner fertility. But in general, 20-40 percent of couples with reasonable intercourse frequency can conceive within 90 days. 75 percent of couples can get pregnant if they try for six months, and 90 percent if they try for 12 months. And couples who cannot conceive in their first year are more likely to conceive in the second and subsequent years if everything is okay with both of them physiologically.

A: For men, the process is simple. The physicians simply examine your semen for morphological abnormalities and motility issues. The process is pretty straightforward. The man has to deposit the sperm in a provided cup and send it in. The doctors will then do their evaluation with the provided semen

A: It’s not about the volume per se –although more sex is always good. It’s more about the timing. Couples looking to get pregnant should have sex more frequently during the female’s fertile period. If you don’t know what that is, it’s usually between days 12 and 16 for women with 28-day cycles. But if you’re in doubt, speak to your doctor about this.

A: Not necessarily. As long as the male ejaculates inside the woman, the semen should quickly get to the right parts –the fallopian tubes.

A: Your health, hormonal levels, and sperm production capabilities can be linked to your food quality. Healthy meals with lots of vegetables and fruits are more likely to positively influence your sperm production and quality.

A: Yes, they can. Men’s scrotum is meant to be cooler than their body temperature. So, if you wear tight briefs made from leather materials or anyone that traps heat, you’re basically stressing your scrotum. This is why men should always wear breathable underwear at all times. And avoid exposing your genitals to undue heat and radiation sources. Always keep that area cool.

A: Firstly, please note that you can only get a definitive answer by seeing a doctor and going for a test. That being said, if you struggle to ejaculate, ejaculate only a small quantity of sperm, have never gotten anyone pregnant despite having lots of unprotected sex, have pain in the groin, produce pink or red semen, or have a genital injury, you may have some form of infertility. But, speak to your doctor first before jumping to conclusions.

A: That’s between 15 million sperm/mL and 100 million sperm/mL. Anything lower than 15 million sperm/mL is cause for concern.

A: Well, a healthy lifestyle is a great way to start. Eat healthily, cut out junk food, and drink a lot of water. Stop drinking alcohol, smoking, or doing drugs. Lose some weight -15-70lbs- depending on how obese you are. Exercise more, even if just walking for 30 minutes a day. These can help improve your fertility.

A: Yes, some foods have testosterone-boosting qualities. For instance, foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamins C & E are usually great for increasing testosterone levels.

A: It can. Generally, 40+ men who are overweight are at a higher risk of developing male infertility. This is worse if they have bad lifestyle habits or are exposed to dangerous toxins frequently.

A: That depends on the cause of infertility. Doctors will recommend a lifestyle change and improved positive habits if lifestyle-related. You may also be required to take male fertility supplements and medications to improve your fertility.

The Top Male Fertility Supplements in 2022 Conclusion

The best male fertility supplements are crafted ad formulated to help improve your chances of getting your partner pregnant. The top male fertility supplements listed here have great track records, positive reviews, and good feedback.

This is all possible thanks to their high-quality ingredients and the manufacturing process. So, if you want to become more fertile and have the baby you’ve always desired, try one or more of the highly-rated male fertility supplements in this article. Good luck.

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