Streamers getting temporarily banned from Twitch is nothing new but the latest one to come under fire is one of the platform’s biggest names, STPeach.

The streamer’s popularity has risen dramatically over the past few years. She is often credited for pioneering many new ideas like pool streams and dancing streams.

However, Twitch didn’t quite agree with the streamer’s latest idea and she was soon temporarily banned from the platform.

STPeach is banned from Twitch

The star, whose real name is Lisa Vannatta, recently took to her Twitter to inform her fans that she was banned from Twitch.

STPeach, who was cosplaying Cammy from the game Street Fighter in her last stream before the ban, wrote, “Banned from twitch. Next time I’ll make sure to bring a hot tub out,” joking about how hot tub streams are not banned from the platform despite their revealing nature.

STPeach dressed as the risque Cammy. The star wore a green round neck bodysuit that hugged her upper body and spanned until her hip area.

She paired the outfit with a harness and some red socks with black shoes.

STPeach jokes about Twitch ban, says she’ll ‘bring a hot tub out’ next time

At one point during the stream, STPeach reportedly turned to move a box behind her, putting her risque outfit on full display.

“At least the kids still get the $10k ❤️” she continued in her tweet, revealing that she successfully raised money for the Games For Love organisation during her stream.

For the unversed, Games For Love is an organization that helps children with life-threatening conditions while also building a sustainable future for them.

Fans discuss the streamer’s ban

Fans were quick to respond to the streamer’s Twitch ban.

“Damn I was actually hopeful the Twitch rules had changed but I guess you can only get away with it in a paddling pool, valid accurate cosplay is not allowed lmao” one fan wrote.

Another fan astutely noted: “I think it‘s more about the category. When people stream in the hot tub category, the viewers know what they are in for. In just chatting they just don‘t want nudity. I can actually understand that.”

Other fans just wished the streamer would be back on soon.

Will STPeach get her Twitch account back?

Twitch has mentioned that the streamer and cosplayer’s account has been temporarily banned due to a violation of the platform’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

Most creators under a temporary ban get their account back in 3-4 days. In severe cases, the bans have lasted a week.

Hence, fans can expect the star to get her account back soon. STPeach is yet to reveal when she will return to streaming.

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