Which hand towel ring is best?

Hand towel rings are a stylish fixture designed to hang a towel to dry your hands. These rings are designed to hang a single towel, either a kitchen or a hand towel. You’ll need to mount them yourself with their included installation hardware.

The best place to install a hand towel ring is right by the sink so you’re not dripping water everywhere each time you wash your hands or the dishes. While most towel rings have a full circular ring, you can also find ones with a hook-style ring like Kohler’s Alteo Towel Ring.

What to know before you buy a hand towel ring

Hand towel rings are typically placed in the sink area to hang a hand towel in the bathroom, the kitchen or any room with a sink for drying your hands. You can also use a hand towel ring to hang a kitchen towel for drying dishes.

Metal hand towel rings are the most widely available. Metal rings are made from highly durable materials like brass, zinc and stainless steel. You can match the metallic finish to your sink fixtures. You can find finishes such as polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, brushed gold, brushed steel and matte black (painted).

For a more folksy feel, a wooden hand towel ring adds a rustic charm to your sink area. Typically the wood is unpainted for a natural appearance to showcase the natural wood, such as oak or walnut. You can also find rings made of wood beads for a boho look or a ring made from a single stalk of bamboo. These typically have leather strap mountings and can be expensive.

For an economic choice, a plastic hand towel ring can be found for prices under $5. A less common towel ring material is rope. The ring is fashioned from thick rope and, depending on the mount, has a nautical or rustic look. Rope rings are often handcrafted and pricey.

What to look for in a quality hand towel ring

Hand towels typically are folded in half lengthwise, then doubled over the hand towel ring. The ring must be wide enough for the folded hand towel to fit, though a little bunching is normal. Hand towel rings are not intended for larger bath towels. Hand towel rings have diameters between 6-9 inches.

The most popular shape for a hand towel ring is a closed-loop ring in a perfect circle shape. Towel rings can also have an open-ended circle or open-ended rectangle in a hook-style design. Rounded rectangles, ovals and semicircles are also hand towel ring shapes available. Plastic rings can come in rounded trapezoid shapes.

Usually, the mount material is the same as the ring material, especially with metal hand towel rings. However, you can find contrasting mount and ring materials — such as a wood mount and metal ring — that offer an interesting statement to your decor.

Hand towel rings require that you install them yourself and provide the necessary hardware, such as screws and anchors, as well as instructions. However, you’ll probably need to provide your own tools, like a screwdriver, to install the mount. Read consumer reviews to get an idea of how easy a hand towel ring is to install and how clear the mounting instructions are.

How much you can expect to spend on a hand towel ring

Hand towel rings start as little as $3 and as much as $99. Expect to pay between $12-$30 for a quality metal ring.

Best hand towel ring

Hand towel ring FAQ

A. The best placement for the ring is on a wall a few inches from the sink to minimize drips. Place a ring at a height that’s easy and convenient for members of your household to reach but that also allows the hem of a folded-over hand towel to clear the sink or counter surface.

A. You can, but you shouldn’t. Your bath towel would have to be folded multiple times or bunched to fit inside a hand towel ring, if at all. All that bunching would slow down the drying time of your towel. If you don’t have enough wall space for a towel bar, opt for a hook for your bath towel.

What’s the best hand towel ring to buy?

Kohler Alteo Towel Ring

What you need to know: For hanging hand towels, this open-ended design makes grabbing your towel easy.

What you’ll love: The all-metal construction is durable and high-performance. This hook-style ring comes in three finishes: polished chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. It features a contemporary design for modern bathrooms or kitchens.

What you should consider: For some users, the ring is awkward to install. The opening can only face one way and isn’t reversible.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

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Delta Amaya Towel Ring in SpotShield Brushed Nickel

What you need to know: This is an affordable, yet durable metal ring with a traditional design.

What you’ll love: Made of zinc, the brushed nickel finish resists water spots and fingerprints. The mounting process is relatively easy. The basic design fits in with most decors.

What you should consider: The ring only comes in one finish.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Moen Voss Hand Towel Ring Brushed Nickel

What you need to know: The square hook design of this hand towel ring makes a statement in any bathroom.

What you’ll love: The square metal hook holds your towel securely. The open-ended design is sturdy and solidly built. It comes in four metallic finishes. The brushed nickel finish resists fingerprints. The company receives high praise for its mounting hardware.

What you should consider: It doesn’t pivot or move and lacks a hinge.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

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