Let’s get messy (or not): How to masturbate on your period

It’s totally cool if you want to masturbate on your period. And it’s totally cool if you don’t want to, either.

Do whatever you feel most comfortable with. What you like will depend on the erogenous zones you prefer, and what feels good varies from person to person. Here are some tips:

If you’re free bleeding and worried about the mess, consider masturbating on surfaces that you can remove stains from easily. It’s gonna get messy.

Yes, You Can Totally Masturbate on Your Period

Your comforter/duvet, or over your bedsheets, will probably be the easiest to clean. Or, just throw an old towel down first.

It’s hot, steamy, and you won’t have to do laundry afterwards. Just make sure any toys you bring in the shower are water-safe!

The least messy way to get your rocks off solo is by focusing on the outside of your clitoris. This way you can leave in a tampon, menstrual cup, or period disc.

You can use your own fingers, of course, or other stimulating toys like a vibrator if you need *Tim the Tool Man Taylor voice* more power.

If you’re using a period disc, you should be fine to proceed as usual since most are designed to be used during sex. But just be aware of any pain and stop if you feel the cup push against the vaginal wall.

If you wanna avoid the menstrual blood sitch entirely, play with anal beads or a butt plug. Remember to use lots of lube!

You can use a vibrator or dildo internally when you’re menstruating, but you’ll need to wash the menstrual blood off afterwards.

Don’t masturbate with anything porous either. Some plastics may trap bacteria and you really shouldn’t be using stones or crystals in your vag anyway.

If washing menstrual blood off your sex toys sounds hella annoying, put a condom on your vibrator or dildo before you masturbate. Easy!

Having a Big-O doesn’t have to be a solo act. Invite a partner to join in some mutual masturbation.