I’m used to being really busy, so I found that during lockdown, renovating was really just a way to keep myself occupied.

I’ve made bits and pieces and completed minor DIYs, but nothing to the scale of the laundry and bathroom before.

I was aiming for a modern barn house style. Something that isn’t going to date quickly, and I can freshen up with styling.

There were so many! The room tested my patience because it was one giant puzzle that I was constantly trying to find solutions for.

My initial plan was just to remove the lino so I could continue laying the hybrid floorboards throughout the whole downstairs (130m of flooring). I didn’t realise that the trough was tucked under the tiles and when I tried to pull it out to remove the last part of the lino, the tiles broke. So, that forced me to renovate the whole room.

I also fractured part of my hand when I hit it with the hammer trying to remove the tiles, and I’m just going blame that on being distracted by the kids talking to me!

This room was about $3,000, not including the new front loader washing machine.

Paint — Dulux Bathroom Vivid white (walls and ceiling)

All tiling — Bunnings, $465 total

Washing machine taps — Mondella Resonance Black Pin Lever Washing machine taps from Bunnings, $79.57

Basin and shower taps — Mondella Resonance Black Pin Lever wall taps, from Bunnings, $79.57

Reader reno: A combined bathroom and laundry makeover for ,000

Basin Tap — ABI interiors, $109.90

Shower —from Bunnings, $142

Bath taps — Homary, $150

Flat Pax Cabinets – from Bunnings, $531

Acacia Bench top and sides – from Bunnings, $198 (2 pieces)

Mondella toilet roll holder — from Bunnings, $36.62

Toilet — from Bunnings, $289 (discontinued)

Flooring — Godfrey Hirst Hybrid flooring Apollo Ash

The whole room was one big puzzle and I guess that’s why I’m so proud of the full result!

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