MIDLAND, Texas — An experimental biplane went down in a field in northeast Midland County Wednesday, according to a City of Midland spokesperson.

Our reporter on scene said it went down about 100 yards from a neighborhood.

Viewers reported a heavy police presence around North County Road 1150 around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Credit: Jonathan Polasek

There is no word yet on where the plane was going or coming from at this time.

Small plane crashes in northeast Midland County

The two passengers on board were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Experimental biplanes are what the Federal Aviation Administration designates planes that are considered amateur built or home built. Kits to build these types of planes can be purchased.

The plane's tail number was able to be identified, and it turns out that the plane that crashed was not a home build. It was built in 1987 by a manufacturer.

This plane is a 7/8ths replica of a WWI era plane originally owned and registered to the American Air Power Heritage Museum, now known as the CAF Air Power Museum.

The last time this plane was registered was back in 2018, and there are no records beyond that. This indicates that this could have been an unregistered plane, although there is no confirmation at this point.

FAA regulations require that all aircraft, including those deemed as experimental, must be registered in order for them to be flown.

This is all the information we currently have on this developing story. Stay with NewsWest 9 for the latest as we learn more details.