7 Ways to Effectively Use Bitcoin to Gain Profit in 2021

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People can engage in cryptocurrency activities and use bitcoin to gain profit

If you are into cryptocurrencies, then you must already be familiar with bitcoin millionaire stories. Yes, they are true and they do happen in real life. But making money with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is not easy. Most of those so-called ‘bitcoin millionaires’ are either early or big-time investors who pumped in the maximum they could into the cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, you must’ve already come across people who make money by engaging in cryptocurrency mining. Everyone jumps into the digital currency sphere with the hope that they can gain good benefits from it. But most of them lose interest along the way or fall for petty scams on the web. But it happens because many crypto investors do not understand the concepts of digital currencies properly. Fortunately, people can still use bitcoin to gain profit effectively. There is a myriad of opportunities awaiting us to help make money with bitcoin. The methods range from technical knowledge and investment experience to investor’s willingness. The cryptocurrency industry is still in its early stage of development. It has been seeing consistent growth in developer activity, social media activity, and the number of companies created in the trading circle. Analytics Insight has listed the top ways to use bitcoin to gain profit in 2021.

7 Ways to Effectively Use Bitcoin to Gain Profit in 2021

Lend Bitcoin for an Interest

Similar to how we lend money, we can also lend bitcoin in the network. Although bitcoin lending is an effective way to gain big profits without doing much, this kind of engagement involves high risk. Websites such as Unchained Capital, Bitbond, or BTC pop provide an option to lend your bitcoin to any person at an interest rate of up to 15%. However, there is no assurance that the borrowers will pay back the coins.

Engage in Bitcoin Mining

The most popular method of gain bitcoin is by mining it. If you are tech-savvy and can crack cryptographic puzzles and add new blocks to the blockchain network, then bitcoin mining is for you. Generally, miners engage in two types of mining namely personal mining and cloud mining. Personal mining is seen as a risky stance if you are a fresher in the field. Because of high electricity bills and maintenance prices, the profit will drastically hit the ground. On the other hand, cloud mining is a safe process that does not involve any recurring charges or rising electricity bills. In both cases, your earning is solely based on the number of coins you have mined.

Buy and Hold Bitcoin

The easiest, straightforward, and beginners’ way of making a profit in bitcoin is by buying and holding them. Investors should get a bitcoin wallet, buy BTC, and wait till the prices go up. No matter how long it takes, crypto enthusiasts should wait for a price haul and can withdraw it when it is at its peak. Sometimes, the price will go up in days, sometimes in weeks, months, or even years. All you have to do is have patience and wait for the right movement.

Become a Bitcoin Influencer

Social media platforms are evolving to be a major resource to attract more investors. Not just bitcoin, even many other cryptocurrencies are featured online by influencers. You can become a bitcoin influencer and earn money by promoting a certain company or website’s products or services and increase their visitors. In return, the companies will provide you with commissions based on the number of customers and the sales you brought. Social media influencers also conduct affiliate programs to attract followers.

Take Up Micro Jobs and Bitcoin Faucets

Engaging in micro jobs is a very normal thing in the cryptocurrency circle. These micro jobs include retweeting a post, testing a plugin, or watching a YouTube video. Websites will provide you with bitcoin payments in return for doing these simple tasks. Similarly, Bitcoin faucet websites dispense small rewards for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or other task desired by the website. These low-risk and easy to earn money methods are often taken up by many bitcoin investors.

Accept Bitcoin Payments

Amazon became the recent conglomerate to consider bitcoin payment. On the other hand, small businesses are already accepting bitcoin as payments for their goods and services. So if you are a small business owner, then it is the right time to reconsider your payment methods. By accepting bitcoin payments, it will widen your global reach, ensure that your payments are safe, and fasten the process. One of the biggest benefits of accepting bitcoin payment is it is very simple to start doing so.

Get Bug Bounties

Alike the digital web, cryptocurrency platforms also fall for cyberattacks. Therefore, trading platforms appoint individuals to find exploits and vulnerabilities in their systems. Usually, bitcoin trading platforms offer these opportunities to people in order to improve their ecosystem. You can lookout for a trading platform or software developer who wants people to make their platform a safer place.

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Use bitcoin to gain profit

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