D-neo, designer bertrand lejoly’s flexible new collection for duravit, is evidence that premium design and affordability need not always be mutually exclusive.

a freestanding bath in an affordable price segment may not be usual, but, as duravit impressively proves with the D-neo line, it’s possible

in ancient greek, the word ‘neo’ stands for fresh and young, but also for revolutionary, and thanks to designer bertrand lejoly, duravit manages to cover all interpretations in the new D-neo series. lejoly, who worked with matteo thun in milan and was later head of product design at vincent van duysen, stands for refined simplicity. his designs are expressive and subtle, progressive and timeless: he is a modern pusher of boundaries.

with the modern D-neo line from duravit, lejoly demonstrates his extraordinary flair for interior design. the belgian designer, who now has his own studio in antwerp, combines functionality with clear design here, creating design objects and bathroom furniture suitable for everyday use which can stand up to all of life’s demands.

D-neo offers many design options: with three new wood-look variations, there is now a total of 13 surfaces to choose from

whether washbasins, hand basins, bathtubs, counter basins or other elements: d-neo stands for a special lifestyle that does not submit to fashion and yet still focuses on style. the complete bathroom series offers extraordinary variety at an affordable price, which makes it possible to adapt furnishings to individual desires as well as the conditions on-site.

almost unique in this price segment is, above all, the freestanding bathtub, which, in its simplicity, highlights the perfection of pure design. nothing distracts from the oval shape. the bathtub rim can be kept very narrow thanks to the special durasolid® material and thus matches the clean lines. a slight back slope ensures comfort, which can be further enhanced in the built-in models by installing six flat jets for a whirlpool function.

the light + mirror series from duravit offers circular and rectangular mirror models that perfectly match the clear design of D-neo and at the same time provide pleasant lighting with indirect light

bertrand lejoly designs ultra-thin, expressive duravit D-neo bathroom series

coordinated with the bath models, the counter basins are also presented as a simple oval, but are also available as a round version for even more design freedom. as a strong design feature, lejoly uses an ergonomically shaped handle with a diamond-black look for the matching elements.

the vanity units have practical storage space and are available in various widths with numerous design options. with a total of thirteen finishes – including three new wood variants – the D-neo bathroom range is extremely flexible, allowing for the creation of individualised bathroom concepts, or for adding new highlights to existing sanitary spaces.

with their straight-lined, geometric design and the vertically set handle, D-neo’s fittings also make an impression. the series also includes washbasin mixers with freshstart function

even when it comes to fixtures and fittings, lejoly brings relaxed design and maximum functionality to the fore. in addition to their straight-lined geometric design, the basin mixers also offer an energy-saving freshstart function. energy-intensive preparation of hot water is only activated when a narrow, vertically positioned handle is explicitly moved to the left.

in addition, the toilets in the D-neo series are equipped with the high-performance duravit rimless® technology, which guarantees optimum surface cleaning with the help of dynamic water flow. the flushing rim has an open design and is therefore easy to clean. optionally, the models are also available with the antibacterial hygieneglaze ceramic glaze, which is baked into the interior right up to the rim of the toilet.

the combination of duravit rimless® technology and hygieneglaze ceramic glaze allows perfect flushing results to be achieved with just 4.5 liters of water, killing 99.9 per cent of bacteria within 24 hours. the bidets in the D-neo series complete the range.

the rounded rim of the D-neo washbasins is an eye-catching detail and gives the series high recognition value

to complement the D-neo series, duravit has simple models available in the ‘light and mirror’ range that fit into the straight-lined D-neo concept as mirrors or mirror cabinets. both circular mirrors and rectangular versions allow bertrand lejoly’s simple design to shine, with various lighting options on the top and side edges or indirectly with a surrounding led light strip.

the fact that lejoly’s D-neo represents his studio’s debut in the bathroom sector can be seen in the fact that he does not allow himself to be limited by what has come before. freely following the motto of his former mentor matteo thun – ‘only those who dare to do something new, who cross boundaries, can experience new knowledge’ – lejoly also dispels the misconception that first-class design and high material quality can only be found in high-priced segments.

guest feature by mareile morawietz / architonic