Chicago’s water consistently meets all federal state and industry standards for cleanliness and safety. This is because the Department of Water Management performs over 200,000 tests a year on our water throughout the system and adds corrosion control to help prevent contaminants from leaching into the pipes.

Water Management

Any resident that is concerned about their water quality can call 311 or visit for a free water quality check or to request a water lead test kit.

There are certain conditions that can cause changes in water appearance, taste, or smell. Among these are:

  • My water smells earthy or musty:
  • My water smells like chlorine:
  • There are particles in my water (rust, dirt, etc.) or it is discolored:
  • If you experience a change to your water and have questions or concerns, you can always call 311 and submit a Service Request to speak to a DWM engineer.