Self-sufficiency is not just a human attribute. Sometimes, one can see the same in pet cats and dogs as well. This video posted on Reddit, for example, serves as one such instance where a cat is so smart and independent that it can give itself a bath without any human intervention. There is a good chance that you will find this video to be equal parts adorable and hilarious.

The video opens to show a cat inside of a wash basin. It can be seen lying there quite comfortably and proceeds to do one of the cutest things ever. As the video progresses, one can see how the cat confidently turns the tap on as the water starts flowing. Though initially a little inquisitive about what is happening, the cat soon understands that it has successfully turned the tap on.

Smart cat gives itself a bath by turning tap on. Watch adorable video

As the water keeps filling into the wash basin, the cat tries to examine that as well. It juts its head out and takes a good look at the flowing water and how it fills up right next to it. “This cat is so smart. And knows how to enjoy the bath time!” reads the caption that accompanies this cute cat video. It was shared along with a laughing face emoji.

The video was posted on the subReddit r/cat. It was posted around a day ago and has accumulated more than 1,200 upvotes till now. It has also received various comments from cat lovers.

A Redditor commented, “He'll pay the water bill with cuteness.” “That’s cute,” posted another. “My cat hates baths,” admitted a third. “Lmao I want to see him close the water tap,” read yet another comment. As a reply, another individual wrote, “You're gonna come home and the whole bathroom is flooded.”

What are your thoughts on this cat video?

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