What will make a splash in 2021? Drench.co.uk monitored their own searches and sales data to see which trends have risen the most in the past year, before surveying Brits about the bathroom improvements they plan on tackling in 2021 – revealing the nation’s gripes and desires when it comes to their bathroom goals in 2021.

Dominic Lees-Bell, Interior Design Specialist at Drench.co.uk states: “After spending so much time inside this year, it’s no wonder Brits want to make their home a haven. So, we do expect in 2021 Brits will be making their home luxurious as possible, with marble in the bathroom being the perfect antidote. You could go super sleek with marble and opt for a monochrome look. Or why not try making a statement with gold details that perfectly harmonise with neutral marble?”

Six style predictions for the bathroom in 2021

Whilst 2020 was largely spent indoors for many Brits, it appears that Brits have missed the outdoors so hope to bring it into their home designs. What’s more, natural features are perfect for enhancing a person’s wellbeing and creating a spa-like feel in the bathroom. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s the importance of self-care and rest

As consumers, we’re beginning to see the benefits (and necessities) of making more eco-friendly choices, and this shouldn’t stop when it comes to designing our dream bathroom. In fact, sales for rimless toilets and flush plates are soaring, increasing by 189% in 2020. Not only do these types of toilets look more chic but they use significantly less water than traditional toilets.

Despite black features being a trend that emerged a few years ago, it seems that they’re here to stay in 2021, with sales for black accessories and fixtures witnessing a 123% growth in sales for Drench in 2021. Dominic Lees-Bell states: “We [love] black fixtures against one of the top bathroom colours for 2021 – pink. But, even if you don’t want to be as daring with such a romantic colour, black really does work well with most colours, and can give that instant flair to your interiors.”

Not only does brass add an immediate warmth to cold bathrooms, but it’s the perfect complement to both the first bathroom trend (marble) and sixth (industrial)… Sales for brushed brass showers have increased by 160% in 2020. What’s more, searches for brass radiators have increased by a staggering 1,100% proving that even your heating can be hot on trend.

Dominic Lees-Bell states, “We expect to see concrete to be a huge trend that fits right into the industrial aesthetic. Industrial taps are an excellent way to get an instantly cool look. They are right on trend too, with a massive 400% increase in searches on our site. Or you could team concrete vanity units against a backdrop of a crisp white wall.”