Which elephant shower curtains are best?

A bathroom shower curtain is often treated as a simple, utilitarian piece of fabric designed to keep water in place and blend in nicely with the rest of the room, but it’s also a great opportunity to make a statement. It’s a giant canvas that can be traded out as regularly as you change your mood, and your options for shower curtain art are endless and inexpensive. If elephants are what you’re into now, a great place to start your search is the popular and wildly colorful Artinme Watercolor Elephant Shower Curtain.

What to know before you buy an elephant shower curtain


Decorative shower curtains are most often made from water-resistant polyester. Since they aren’t entirely waterproof, they can be paired with shower liners for added protection. The shower curtain can also be used without a liner if you don’t mind pulling the curtain inside the shower every time you use it, then hanging it back out again once it’s finished dripping.

Polyester fabric shower curtains are often mildew-resistant and they’re usually machine-washable. They’re also inexpensive enough that some people simply throw them out if mold or mildew does appear. Since polyester is the most common fabric used for printed shower curtains, it will likely be your only option when searching for shower curtains with elephant images.

Hanging with hooks

While hookless shower curtains exist and are a handy option, the design choices are limited. If you’re looking for something with elephants, you’ll probably have to settle for a curtain that has metal grommets paired with hooks. Hooks may or may not be included with your shower curtain.


Most shower curtains are sized in the range of 70 inches by 70 inches, give or take an inch or two. This works well with a standard 60-inch shower, but if you’re looking to encircle a freestanding tub, you’ll need something much bigger or you’ll need to use multiple shower curtains.

What to look for in a quality elephant shower curtain

Pictures of elephants

Your favorite image is a matter of personal preference. There are plenty of different designs to choose from, and there’s sure to be something that suits your taste. There are shower curtains geared toward kids and there are some with pretty, almost abstract, colorful designs. There are photorealistic elephants staring you down and there are elephants pretending to use your bath. There are Indian elephants, African elephants, elephant silhouettes and elephants in repeating geometric patterns.

Best elephant shower curtain

How much you can expect to spend on an elephant shower curtain

Most elephant shower curtains are priced in the low- to mid-$20s, with a few outliers priced above $30 or at around $15.

Elephant shower curtain FAQ

Is it best to use a separate shower curtain liner?

A. It probably is if you want your shower curtain to last longer, and you might find yourself replacing the shower curtain liner occasionally. There’s nothing to stop you from using a shower curtain without a liner as long as it’s able to keep the water in the tub.

Are shower curtains difficult to clean?

A. Most polyester fabric shower curtains are machine-washable and can be run through the dryer on low, but be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Many shower curtains are mold- and mildew-resistant, but if you neglect to clean them regularly and if you use them without a liner, problems still might develop. If mold develops on your shower curtain, try cleaning it by hand with hydrogen peroxide followed by a good scrubbing with baking powder.

What’s the best elephant shower curtain to buy?

Top elephant shower curtain

Artinme Watercolor Elephant Shower Curtain

What you need to know: The bold colors and serious expression of this big elephant will make a strong statement in your bathroom.

What you’ll love: Splashes of orange, red, blue, green and yellow really stand out in the bathroom. Hanging hooks are included.

What you should consider: The title of this listing says it’s waterproof, but in the fine print it’s specified as merely water-resistant. A waterproof shower liner adds extra security to your bath.

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Top elephant shower curtain for the money

Kntiline Colorful Boho Tree of Life and Elephant Shower Curtain

What you need to know: This brightly colored statement piece will be the focus of any bathroom, and it’s available at a great price.

What you’ll love: The tree of life behind the elephant seems to be going through all four seasons at once: winter, spring, summer and fall. The young elephant has an almost tie-dyed look in colors that spread from bright blue and pink to purple and red. Hooks are included. The shower curtain is waterproof and machine-washable.

What you should consider: The listing calls this an Indian elephant, but judging by the ears it’s an African elephant painted with patterns and colors reminiscent of India.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Worth checking out

RnnJoile Gold Tribal Mandala Elephant Shower Curtain

What you need to know: The rich black of this shower curtain and the gold elephant silhouette make it a real standout.

What you’ll love: The limited color palette is more subtle than other curtains but still makes for a striking design. The shower curtain is waterproof and machine-washable. It comes with hanging hooks.

What you should consider: This shower curtain has only a handful of customer reviews, although all of them are positive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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