Picking the right shower can seem like an easy choice for homeowners. But the moment that you go online to look for showers that you can install in your bathroom, you will see a lot of options to choose from. You will see a shower rail black, a shower panel, a fixed showerhead, and much more. We will make it easy for you and help you pick the perfect shower for your bathroom.


How to Pick the Right Shower for your Bathroom  


Steps on How to Pick the Right Shower


Look at Your Budget


The first thing that you need to look at is your budget. Showers can be as cheap as $10 but the most expensive ones can go as high as $2,000. The main reasons why showers cost so much are because of type, brand, and material. Popular brands in the market cost more than lesser known brands.


Shower panels are also more expensive because of the more features offered by these types. There are digital ones with thermostats and other features to have full control of the water coming out of the shower. In some types, pressure can be controlled so that you will get the right flow when you want to have a relaxing shower in the bathroom.


Measure your space


The next step to do is to measure your space. Even if you have the budget for a rainfall showerhead or a shower rail, if the space will not allow it, then you will have to make another decision on the type of shower to install.


For prefabricated showers, it is easy to determine whether it fits your bathroom or not. Get a measuring device and take note of the measurement from the wall where you want to install it to the wall that is perpendicular to it. This will show the allowable distance that the showerhead must be from the wall.




The plumbing becomes an issue when you want to install a shower will multiple point source or if you want to add a water heating system. The plumbing can definitely be adjusted to your need. But it entails additional costs for you aside from the shower unit price.


For showers that control hot and cold water, you may have to install additional electricals if you do not have a tank already installed in your home.


Know the Types of Showers Available


If you will look at the market, you will see variations in the types of showers. And it can be intimidating for some to choose from the number of options available.


To decide on the type of shower to install in your bathroom, you just need to know whether you want an electric or non-electric shower. You then should pick whether a mixer shower, the type that mixes the hot and cold water, is what you need in your home.


If the supply of water in your home has low pressure, then you have to get power showers. These showers increase the pressure of water that comes out of the shower head.


If you want to control your shower remotely, a digital shower is recommended. But if you want to keep things simple, a normal fixed shower head is functional to use and is quite easy to install.  



How to Pick the Right Shower for your Bathroom


The right shower for your bathroom ultimately goes down to your preference. You can pick a shower rail black or chrome finished. You can select a rainfall style or a simple standard shower. But to make the whole bathroom aesthetically cohesive, you should choose the right color and style based on our recommendations and tips. They will help you decide on the best type of shower which you can install in your bathroom.